Liar Liar Liar


The raven haired girl sighed, standing outside of her little sisters school, a smoke inbetween her lips. She was waiting for her little sister to be done with school so they could leave for good. Almost the whole town thought they were freaks because their powers were exposed a few days ago by an ass hole that used to go to her sisters school. A smirk formed on her lips once she took the smoke inbetween her index and her middle finger, blowing the smoke out of her mouth.

"Kota!" Her little sister screamed, running out of the school. The raven turned her head towards her sister and held out her hand, telling her to stop running or she'd burn her with her cigarette. She hugged her little sister, but said nothing as she walked away from the school, her little sister blabbering her ear off about her day went.

"They bullied you again?" The raven finally said, cutting her sister off.

"Yes... But I'm okay! I can heal myself"

"That's not the point Diaz," The raven sighed and ran her fingers through her black hair, dropping her smoke to the ground.

Her phone started to vibrate in her jeans pocket and she pulled it out and flipped it open, muttering a harsh hello.

"Take Diaz and run Dakota! Run!" Their mother screamed into the phone, before there was a loud thump, and the line went dead.

Dakota's eyes widened considerably, and she stomped on her smoke and grabbed her sisters hand. "We have to go Diaz, we need to get out of her." Dakota murmured harshly before she pushed her sister a head of her and the two started to run as fast as they could, towards the forest on the outskirts of town that led them away. It was where the two always wondered around, and they knew exactly where they needed to go.

"Dakota, I'm scared! What's going on?" Diaz whispered, slowing down once they saw the forest.

"I don't know Diaz, but mom told us to run. Hurry up, were almost there." Dakota mumbled, hearing loud foot steps behind her.

She shoved Diaz ahead of her then whipped around, with one swipe of her hand, a lind of fire seperated the two sisters, and the people chasing them. She turned back aroud and caught up toher sister. "K-Kota!" Diaz cried once the two were safely into the thick forest, hand in hand.

"Don't cry Diaz, I promise nothing wi..." She stopped momentairly hearing the cocking of a gun behind her head.

"You bitch, I'll get you for what you did to my son!" The familiar voice of a man growled from behind her.

Dakota turned, facing the barrel of a gun. Her eyes closed once the gun was removed from her face, and the back of the gun whacked her across the face, the impact made her stumble and trip over a branch.

"D-Dakota!" Diaz cried, reaching out for her sister. "Stay put you little slut!" The man yelled.

Dakota's eyes darkened to a copper red and she imagined the man engulfed in flame. The flames danced around the lower half of the mans body, and he took this alarm and shot at Dakota, hitting her straight in the shoulder. She gasped, and fell back as the rest of the mans body was engulfed in burning hot flames.
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