Liar Liar Liar

Big bad wolf

Im the big bad wolf
See the pigs, they run in horror
Don't build your house out of grass
Or I'll blow you away


Once the man was engulfed in Dakota's flames, I ran to her and dropped to my knees. Her hand was on the bleeding wound, trying to stop it. "We need to get out of the open..." Dakota wheezed out.

"B-but Kota!"

She silenced me and slowly started to get up, me following suit. I became her support half way towards the cave we usually took shelter at when things got out of hand, we stayed there for weeks on end, maybe months before, only going into town for food and clothes. We've never ran into trouble in this forest, maybe a few dieting vampires that were being 'chased'... But that's it, thank god. I felt Dakota stop walking after hearing a distanced howl, she seemed to be on high alert now. I quickened my pace with Dakota as much as I could, hoping to reach the cave before the dogs, or whatever they were. The only problem, getting there was much harder then getting back.

We needed to pass the trees, then get past the river with the large current that flowed to a water fall, and to do that, there was a log that had fallen down over the river, and that's how we passed it. I don't know if Dakota would make it. We got into the opening with the river and then I set Dakota down, rolling up the sleeves of my sweater. I removed her sweater and tossed it to the side, she looked like she wanted to say something, but said nothing and turned away from me. I ripped her tee-shirt and looked at the bullet wound. I took a deep breath before I put my hand over the wound, concentrating on healing her. The bullet popped out of the wound and slid down to the grass off her shoulder, and the wound started to close up.

Dakota let out a small moan of pain and I fell to the side once the wound was fully healed. She sat up right and towered over me for a moment.

"Thank you Diaz." I heard her say. I smiled and sat up slowly. "Come, we need to get to the cave".

She held her hand out for me as she stood again, stumbling to the side. I guess she was still a bit out of it from the amount of blood she lost. I would be too. The howl we both heard was very close, and Kota was panicking. She helped me up quickly and she pulled her tee-shirt over her head, pulling her sweater on and zipping it up. I sighed at the nasty scar on her arm from the bullet wound, she'd be bothered by that from now on. It was really going to be sad.

I followed her slowly behind on the log, and looked around, seeing a flash of golden eyes. It shocked me and I screamed, clutching my sister's sweater. She turned and looked at me, before she grabbed my hand and led me across faster. She broke out into a run as soon as she got off the log, I swear, I heard someone snicker. I shook it out of my mind and tripped over a tree stump, slamming into Dakota, who fell right into a tree.

"Dakota! I heard something! I swear to god!" I yelled, crawling over to her.

"Yes, Diaz. Were being followed by MUTTS. I figured this after I heard that loud horrible howl." Dakota shook her head.

A snarl ripped through the air, and I turned around to see a large black wolf standing there, barring it's teeth at us ready to attack. Dakota got up and stood in front of me, staring down the wolf. "Insulted Mr. Wolf?" She asked him, a smirk on her face. He growled and pounced at her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the way, making the wolf ram into the tree.

Dakota put a small circle of fire around the wolf, and she told me to start running. I did as told, and she followed suit, looking behind her each moment we ran.

Something rammed into my side, taking me to the ground.

"Diaz!" Dakota yelled, a small ball of fire forming into her hand. She threw it at the brown wolf on top of me, and it jumped off, growling at her.

She ran to me and pulled me into her arms, looking at the scratches on my body. She closed her eyes and they turned copper red again, glaring at the wolf.


The big black wolf knocked her and me down to the ground, pulling her by her sweater with it's large pearly white jaws. I felt something furry brush against my clothed arm and I turned my head, meeting those same golden eyes from before. Dakota was to busy struggling to even notice the wolf by my side. I saw three others emerge from the darkness. Dakota shoved a fire ball into the black wolf's muzzle, earning a loud yelp from him. He jumped off of her and rubbed at his muzzle with his two front paws.

"Fucking dog!" Dakota yelled, looking at her ripped sweater.

"K-Kota, there's three more" I chocked out, keeping the tears in.

She glanced around, her eyes widening at the sight of the wolf beside me. The golden-eyed wolf shifted, and I heard disgusting cracks coming from beside me. I took one look at the man- who was just a wolf- beside me and looked away blushing, seeing he wasn't wearing anything. I shrugged my sweater off and handed it to him. With a small laugh and a thanks, he put it around his waist, covering his private parts pretty well.

"I am Brian. Uh, we want to know what your doing on our territory" He stated.

"We got a call from our mom, and she told us to run, and so we did. This guy threatened to shoot us, he shot me before I killed him with fire. I'm a witch, and my sister only knows how to heal things and people, so she healed me, then you ass holes showed up." Dakota said harshly.

I looked at the black wolf, with the burn on his muzzle and I slowly went over to him. He alerted himself as I reached my hand out to touch him. He growled and noticed I wasn't reaching out to hurt him. His black ears went down and I touched his muzzle, closing my eyes. I heard Dakota sigh, before the burn on his muzzle was healed. I backed up to Dakota and leaned on her, closing my eyes.

"So you guys have no where to go now?" Brian asked us.

I nodded, and looked up at Dakota, who was staring at the black wolf. He too, shifted into a human, and she imidatly looked away. She did the same thing I did, shrugging her sweater from her bare shoulders. Good thing she was wearing a bra. She threw her sweater at him, hitting him in the face. This is the first time I've seen Dakota flustered like that.

"Come here." He commanded Dakota.

"Fuck you mutt".
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