Liar Liar Liar

Tested and true

Superstitions aren't meant for lovers
Under covers, undiscovered is your skin
I am lonely, please let me in
You're probably wondering what I was proving
Are you choosing?
Am I losing you tonight?
Is it over, over?


I looked at the 'Kota' person. She dares defy me then call me a mutt!? I growled and stormed over to her. I saw the fire ball in her hand and moved swiftly behind her. She grunted as I put my arm around her, and I quickly took her to the ground. I could feel her sweater slip off my waist, but she noticed this too, and her hands stopped it from falling. Her head turned to the side, so she wasn't looking at me. I smirked and felt something hit the side of my face, leaving a stinging sensation.

"Get the fuck off of me... You... You fucking dog!" She yelled.

I slammed her into the ground harder, hearing her sisters words, I ignored them and pushed harder, hearing a crack in her shoulder. To add up to the stinging on my face, I felt it start to burn, so I jumped off of her and put my hand to my burning face. She fumbled to get up, but fell back down again. With the force I used to slam her down, she probably dislocated her shoulder.

"Dakota!" The other girl, Diaz was it? She got out of Brians grip, it was slightly shocking.

Zack let out a howl of laughter, and received a glare, from me. Jimmy and Johnny just sat and stared, while Diaz was on top of her sister.

"This is going to hurt Kota, so please don't be mad" Diaz warned, then she took her sisters arm and snapped it back into place.

"Bitch!" Dakota groaned, rolling onto her side.

I snickered and clicked my tongue, fixing the sweater covering myself. "Johnny, Jimmy, you guys go alert the pack that we have visitors. Brian, Zacky and I are going to escort them to the mansion." I told.

The two nodded and went running off. I walked over to Dakota and grabbed her by the arm that was just popped back into place and lifted her to her feet, shoving her forwards. She didn't make any remark which made me smirk. Zacky stayed in wolf form ahead just in case something else were to happen. Nothing else would happen, me and the boys ruled this forest, and no vampire, or any other creature dare be in here with out our consent. Or things would happen, that are much different from what just happened with the girls. Although, I should of killed Dakota for bad mouthing me. Calling me a mutt was like commiting a federal offense, it should not be committed AT ALL. I could just imagine ripping her throat out, tasting her sweet smelling blood.

That's what led me to believe there was something in the forest other then our allies, and to think I found a witch, and her sister, who was also some-what a witch. Witches were rare, and when one had one, good things happened. They were like a good luck charm for other creatures. Alas, they were more like slaves then anything else. This was the first time I came across a Witch in my life, and damn, I sure did feel good catching her. The only thing wrong is she pulled at my stings, and made my bad side come out.

"There we are." Brian stated proudly as we neared a castle like house. Diaz stared agape while her sister gave us no reaction at all.

"You guys will be staying here. From now on of course." I stated slyly.

"Fuck no. Not with an over grown ape/dog." Dakota snapped.

"Dakota!" Diaz whined.

"Do not Dakota me. You know why I won't stay! You know damn well why I wont!"


"Don't even bring it up Diaz! I don't want to hear it okay? You stay as long as you want, I'm leaving tomorrow. And no Mutt is going to stop me."

With that, Dakota went storming ahead of us to get to the mansion quicker. She even felt the need to get ahead of Zacky.

Something made me storm after her in rage. I never usually got this mad around people, but this Witch made my fire burn. I wanted her, boy... Did I ever.
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