Sweet Blood

The Pity Parade

I walked into the dark school,
Well it wasnt that dark, i imagined it different than it really was.
I didnt like the way it looked, gray, long and well preppy.
I would have rathered go to the castle-like public school near my house.
But no my mum was scared of me, so she sent me to a place where i had to dress like everyone else.
Stupid conformist mother, i saw her high school pics, then she burned them, so i couldnt use them against her anymore. As i walked to my locker i could hear wispers, i looked as people stared at me. I dint give a shit.
I had added my own touch to the uniform. Black boots that went to my knees and red fishnets, and my white base with heavy black eyeliner. I heard a few camera phones snap. I had over accute hearing. My vision on the other hand, i was lucky enough to get contacts with my prescription. I chose red. I later bought a pair of black contacts. Sometimes i wore both, others just one colour. Either way I looked freaky.

As I went down the little secluded hallway in which my locker was, I started to sniff, there were traces of ciggarette smoke, alcahol, vomit, every bodily fluid imaginable. It felt like my bags were getting heavier, I searched for my locker. The very last one in the hall yet it was untouched by anything, that was what scared me. I looked on the top shelf. Thats where i could hide my things, a nice black or red 'curtain' and all would be good. First i have to take it all out though, Of course, this process had to be intupted by someone.
This time, I cant say I didnt mind. It was a goth boy, just taller than me, with shoulder lenght black hair, like mine, and a black trench coat covering his white and black scool uniform. "Whats in the bag?" he asked, his voice was deep, but not too deep, i could tell he was a singer. "None of your buisness, why would you want to know?" i said almost too rudely. He raised an eyebrow. "I want to know what your being so secrative about that you are putting a curtain up to hide it" then he grabbed the bag, I had put a barrier, one that would stop any guy. Well apparently ALMOST any guy, not this one, he shoved pas the tampons and found my papers, I had written them about my theory of vampires and how vampirism may really be an untreated illness, he grabbed the papes and shoved them into his pocket. Thats when he hit what i really wanted to hide. A secret i kept from most. I saw his eyes dim, his face lost expression.
Oh shit , here comes the pitty parade. i thought to myself.
He was frozen, then he pulled the needles out,
"What the hell babe, what are these for?" he then pulled out a tiny little box i made last year in shop class .
It kept my things cold, he looked inside, a bunch of bottles with clear and foggy liquids.
He was in shock. The last thing he pulled out was a little electronic device, the size of a cell phone.
He examined it, "Ow fuck" he had accidentally pushed the button that sent out the needle. The needle that i had jabbed my finger with many times. He dropped the meter, "What the fuck is this shit?" he demanded to know, "I picked up my blood glucose meter, i looked, he had a perfect reading, a number i hadnt seen in my entire life 110. "Well if you must know, its my insilin, and my glucose meter" he gave me a funny stupid look, "For my diabetes." he gave me a look,"I'm so sorry, i though you were doing heroine or something.
I laughed, what an idiot, as if i would bring that sort of stuff to school. Im goth not a stoner.
I couldnt be, it messes with my sugars too much, i have to admit, i tried it, and i didnt like it too much.
The boy picked my things up for me and gave them back, "I' so sorry, I-" he started to go all stupid on me. so i stopped him, "Look... Whatever your name is, save your pitty for someone who needs it, i dont,"
he looked at me in awe, i swear i heard his heart beat get faster, he froze, "Gerard, my name is.....that" i made him speachless. how cute. "Good to know, Mine is Maia, i hope to see you around some time," with that i locked my locker and walked off, insulin and glucose meter in my bag. Towards the nearest bathroom. I had been having some problems lately.