Sweet Blood

The horror that I'm in

It was Gerard, but he wasnt alone, he was with another girl, she was pale,
pale as death, she was in a long dark dress, Her neck had two small scars,
that looked like bite marks. Her face was atached to his. She was a vampire.
I didnt know what to think, he looked confused but concentrated. What an ass, instead of saving me he was making out with someone behind my back. I felt tears all down my face. I let out a whimper then turned away, running back into Franks room and past a confused Mikey.
"Maia, whats wrong?" I heard him yell. I ignored his call and dropped my hands from my face.
I looked to the open window, my escape. We werent very high up so leaving would be easy.
Day had turned to night so there was no risk of burning. I ran diving through the window, making a clean exit, rolling as to not get hurt. I got back up and ran, as far and as fast as I could. Until i saw light, it wasnt the sun, it was a small shack in the middle of the woods. I heard voices inside. One i recognised to be franks.As much as he didnt like me, I hoped he would help me. I had more than anyone else could offer him, I had not exchanged with another vampire, and the greatest prize of all was in my possecion to be used at my will. He would help me. It would benefit us all, but what of the other voices in the house, I wondered. Let them have their way, I do not care. Somewhere warm and out of the wind was all I wanted.