Sweet Blood

Kill the lover

I could feel frozen tears on my face; they stung more than anything I had ever felt.
I felt a few more tears slide on my face, leaving trails of frost on my cheek and stopping dead in their tracks, as they froze solid. I shivered as I walked closer and closer to the cabin. My black dress white from the wind whipped snow, as was my hair, my little black slippers did nothing after I stepped in a puddle of slush, so I had taken the off. My feet were so cold, I held myself as tight as I could, hoping I could warm up. I heard a voice. It wasn’t frank, it was softer, more caring.
“Back in a minute, I’m getting some more fire wood.” They exclaimed. I felt hope, it was extinguished when I grew colder with each step. Every single one brought me closer to warmth, yet each one closer to death. I saw a beam of light, shine from the cabin the door had been opened. More hope, but it all flashed away. I felt my arms drop to my side, my knees gave out, I felt weak, so weak, I couldn’t speak I couldn’t think.
“Help.” Was all I managed to whisper. I fell forward into the snow, I felt myself sinking as the sow surrounded me on all sides. I heard crunching, it was fast. They knew I was here I would survive. I felt strong arms lift me up. Holding me like a baby. The snow crunched as they carried me into the cabin.
Please, don’t kill me, I don’t want to die. Was I could think as I felt a hand press lightly on my neck. I was so scared. I felt myself trembling, was I still cold, I didn’t think so. A hand passed over my cheek.
“Any idea who she is?” I heard one say. I felt like I could get up, but when I tried, I couldn’t.
“I know who she is, and I think I know why she is here.” It was Frank, “Her name is Maia, she is new to us back at the Way mansion, before I left this night, I felt the presence of another, someone unheard of in many years. Katerina Grenada, the same girl who broke the hearts of many of us in that household, we all thought she perished. I guess we were wrong” He said in a serious tone.
“If she didn’t die, then that means one thing. She is a pet, for either a hunter or the enemies of both our clans”

I used all the strength I had to try and open my eyes. YES, they slowly fluttered open.
I shot up in the small bed they had laid me on. There was a sudden rush of blood, and i got really dizzy. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. I turned my head to face them. He was a kind faced boy, fair featured, his soft brown and blue eyes stood out.
"Calm down my dear, you are safe now, no need to worry." He said trying to comfort me. I swallowed hard trying to get the lump out of my throat.I felt a tear slide down my face. I let my head fall forward and i pretty much broke down. I felt strong arms wrap around me from behind. The thought of touch made me a buit happier, then it took my thoughts to Gerard, i cried even harder than I was crying before. I could have sworn i heard the hatred in Frank.
"Dont fucking touch her, let me deal with this." He demanded. I felt the hand of the kind faced boy leave my shoulder. The strong arms released their grip. I felt the pain as Franks hands grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back, so that I was looking at his face, tears still streaming down mine. I gasped for a breath of air as I saw him reaching for his back pocket.
"What is it you want to know?" I whimpered, he laughed.
"Why you came here of all places, in the middle of the night?" He said, he had an evil grin on his face as his hand retuned to his side, in its grip he held a switchblade, destined for my neck.
"I was leaving, your room, and, Gerard, he, was with, her" I managed to whimper. He laughed, pulling the hand with the switchblade closer to my neck, I cringed, thinking he would end it.
"Frank, we dont need anyone elses blood on our hands, but the knife down." one of the others creid out. Thank god, i thought as he pulled his arm back, putting the weapon in his pocket. He stormed out into the cold, mumbling something under his breath. I laid on the bed where he left me. Stairing at the ceiling, until the voice of the kind boy who first spoke to me broke the deadly silence.