Sweet Blood

All the colors of the rainbow in a white out

They conversed with each other about something and left me completely in the dark.
"Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on!? Who is doing all of these things?!" I shouted. The one I recognized to be Ryan took me by the arm and pulled me behind a tree to talk to me. As we reached the other side i felt a sharp pain on my cold skin. Ryan had slapped me, hard.
"Fisrst thing you are gonna have to learn Maia is to keep you mouth shut. Second Whats happening is the Way clan is seemingly being overtaken by Katerina. Simple to see by the intellegent is that she is working for the killers. They have been after us ever since our defiance to Draco."
"Hold your tongue girl. Draco is the king of vampires. His rule has been much too long and his demands umpractical. He kills or enslaves anyone who defies his word. We havent followed him for years. We even have plans to overthrow him. The people of the town are too cowardly to help. The sad thing is he just recently found the Way clan and he is sure to find us soon enough."
"Did you do nothing to protect yourselves?"
"In fact, we in Decaydance along with Frank used countless amounts of powerfuls spells and potions to imunize ourselves from his powers. We all told the rest of the way clan the few spells they used wouldnt completely protect them. Too late to say i told you so. The thing is, they are under Katerina's power, who is working for Draco which must mean she is his mistress and has some of his power, therefore she is controlling the killers in such a way that they think they are controlling her."
"So, why is Draco after them?"
"Well, The killers reported that the prophecy was being fufilled. That the most powerful vampire was born, but the way/decaydance clans didnt want to destroy her. Then he was furious and said there would be a prize if they brought her back to him dead or alive. They obviosly did not succeed my dear. For she herself stands before me this very second." He got down on his knees and held my hand. I blushed.
"My lady please forgive me for striking you." I was dumbfounded.
"You are forgiven ryan, please stand your embarassing me." He quickly stood back up.
"We should get back to the others before they get suspicious." He let out a soft chuckle before taking my hand and leading me back down the slope. They all turned to face us. Patricks kind expression turned into one of hate and Brenden had a sly smirk.
"Aw, how cute look at the love birds." He exclaimed. We quickly dropped our hands to our sides. We exchanged quick glances, he was blushing, im sure i was too.
"Uh, I left a candle burning in my room i have to go blow it out." He said quickly and turned to run. Brenden grabbed him and told him it wasnt safe and we had to stay together. He sighed and caved in.
"Fine, lets just clean up this mess and go." So we burried the bodies under the deepening snow to be found when the spring thaw came. I went to stand next to Brenden on the outside of our little group but Patrick held me protectively around the waist between him and Ryan. I looked up to him and saw a tear falling from his bloodshot eyes. Was it the cold or the want? I didnt know just yet but I managed to squirm out of pats hold on me and walked next to Brenden, who obviously wasnt interested in me. That made me happy, but the fact that I was hurting so many people was killing me. It wasnt long before i realised i had lost my shoe in the snow. Brenden took me back to the kill site where we found it. It had gotten burried down with the hunters. I grabbed it and put it back on. Below it I found something i wanted. A hand gun. I slipped it into my boot and we walked back, at the top of the slope he began to talk to me.