Sweet Blood

What a bloody mess

“You know Maia, you aren’t safe here,” He said plainly. I gave him a slightly confused look. He laughed at my confusion.
“Our order is misaligned because of you and once they have destroyed the way clan they are sure to come here looking for you.” I felt a tear stream down my frozen face.
“Do you think I want all of this? I don’t want to be the fate of you all; I don’t want to mess with your heads, I’m not trying to its just happening. It’s all so fucking hard for me!” I fell to my knees crying and shivering. Brenden pulled on my shoulder and dragged me to my feet. He gave me a sympathetic look.
“I’m not apologizing for telling you the truth. I will apologize for being so harsh.” He sighed, holding me up as we walked towards the fading shadows of the others.
“Thanks Brenden.” I said, wiping away the frozen tears.
I turned and flashed him a smile. I screamed when I saw that he had disappeared. He was no longer standing next to me. I looked ahead, no shadows stained the wall of white.
“Brenden!? Ryan?! Patrick!?” I started to get crazy.
The snow around me looked black; it was swirling in a cyclone around me. A piece of ice shot out and stabbed my leg. I cried out in pain falling to my knees once more. I saw blackish blood pouring out a wound near my knee.
I stood back up to face whatever it was attacking me. Another black object shimmered and shot towards my body.
I moved just in time, but it managed to graze my neck cutting it slightly. I felt a sharp pain in my back; I screamed out in pain and fell. I crawled forward seeing a creature, black as night with glowing red eyes glare at me.
Something struck my head and I saw only a sheet of black.