Sweet Blood

Wake up and steal it away

There was pressure on my legs. I screamed out in agony, only to find that I could not speak, or create any manner of noise.
The pain did not cease. I tired to see what was hurting me. I could hardly open my eyes. It felt like they had been sown shut.
A slight shadow came towards my eyes from the bit that i could see. I squinted them shut. Something cold gently glided over each eye and I could open my eyes. Someone was pulling something out of my eyelids. I felt a small tear fall down my face. I pulled at my arms to wipe it away; they were pinned down at the wrist. I tried to speak once again, still nothing maybe a slight whimper.
"Stop trying to move, you aren’t going anywhere." It was a girl’s voice, and I could see her shadow. I let out a soft groan and let my head fall to the side. I could hear chains rattling near me, and a familiar voice yelling something. I recognized the voice. It was Frank. Frank... I failed you all... The shadow girl turned and threw something at Frank and he went silent.
"N-no. You can’t do this." I whispered. Finally gaining the ability to speak, she laughed at me.
"Oh, and why is that? Maia." She mocked. I finally got a glimpse of her face. It was that girl, Katerina.
"Because, you fucked everything up for me!" I shouted, pulling at my arms. I felt the metal groan and creak. Within seconds I had broken the chains holding me down. I swung my arm and struck her across the face. She cried out and fell to the ground. I stumbled over to Franks limp figure suspended on the wall; my knee was sore and same for my back. I couldn’t walk right. I wouldn’t be able to carry frank. I tried everything to wake him up. His skin was pale. He looked dead, his chest barely moving.
"No, you can’t do this Frank. We need you, I need you" I started to panic. If he died we would be in trouble. I looked around I saw something glinting on the table. I grabbed it. It was a very sharp razor. I pulled it to my wrist and cut it open, blood dripped down my arm. I pulled my hand to his lips. He didn’t move. So I dragged my hand to my mouth and lapped up a mouthful of blood. I tilted his head up and kissed him. I let my tongue slip into his mouth and the blood poured in. He started to move his tongue sliding against mine. I no longer had any blood for him to consume, so I pulled away. A small whine came from his lips. His eyes opened and he looked up at me with his pleading gaze.
“I have to get you down, and we have to get the others.” I sighed, turning away to break the connection between our eyes. There was a shining ax on the table near Katerina. I heaved and carried it over to frank. I swung violently upwards once. I heard the clang of it hitting the metal and the sound of the chains dropping. His feet hit the floor and he bounded into my arms. Hugging me so tight I could hardly breathe.
“C’mon Maia. We have to get the others out, if possible, before she wakes up.” He said quickly. Stealing a kiss and dragging me by the arm to the stairs.