Sweet Blood

And let us fall from your hopeful hearts

We ran hand in hand down one of the hallways, the slight glare of the rising sun through one of the windows of the mansion reflected a sheen on the corner at the end of the hall. I slowed down fearing what was around the bend, for I could sense blood in the air and the smell of rotting flesh. Frank had to have sensed it too, his nose twitched and his already pale face went pure white.
“C-can you tell who it is?” I whimpered, choking back tears. He closed his eyes and cocked his head to the side, almost to say yes and no.
“Its more than one, it’s a mix, fatal amounts from Bob and Ray, no doubt they are dead, but Gerard and Mikey, no, barely any. Maybe a few flesh wounds, enough to hurt them.” He said quietly but firmly.
“And on the wall, that’s bob’s or ray’s?” I said shakily. Acknowledging the fact that it was vampire’s blood on the wall, most likely from being slammed into the corner.
“It’s… I cant tell its like they both died in the same spot…” He drifted of, and we started to move faster.
At the very end of the hall we sprinted to see who it was, then I tripped over an unseen object and hit my head of the wall at the end of the hall. I didn’t hit the ground with the thud I thought I would, Frank had caught me and gently put me down. There was no teasing smile on his face that was usually there when I did something stupid, replacing it was anger and sorrow. His eyes shut tight to stop the tears from falling, his mouth closed tight to prevent sobs from escaping. I raised my hand and placed it on his cheek. Almost like an automatic reaction, he put his hand over mine. His face loosened up and his eyes opened allowing a stream of tears slide down and his lips let one small whimper fall. I turned my head to see what scene had caused his anguish. I glanced upon the silver spear that had gone through Ray and Bob’s chest and pinned their now decaying bodies to the wall. A cry escaped my lips and I gagged, but I had nothing to throw up. I turned back to Frankie. I had looked for a few seconds but it had seemed like 5 minutes. I wanted to look back to see if Gerard and Mikey were there but I couldn’t.
“Frank, we have to get out, there’s no one here but Katerina. He looked up only moving his eyes.
“How do you know?”
“I can’t sense anyone else in the building, there’s no other form of life. Gerard and Mikey their alive, but their cold, and Gerard is holding onto Mikey, and he wants to die, he can hardly feel anything on his body, their hungry, and lost, Gerard, he cant walk, but Mikey wouldn’t leave him. The snow, it’s not white, its black almost, and they are both covererd in cuts and bruises…” I faded out and we both fell silent.
“How the fuck do you know that?” He said wide-eyed while helping me stand up.
“I think- I think I just was there, in my mind, but in theirs at the same time.” I said tripping over my words. He just smiled.
“I knew they undermined you when they said you were special.” He said is such a flirty voice. I shot him a smile and we headed away from the scene of horror in blissful silence, until a voice came from behind us.

“I know where they are, and you’ll never find them otherwise.”