Sweet Blood

Out of this misery

I put my hand upon a knife I had hidden on my dress, I slid it out quickly and leaped forward, seemingly to disappear and re-appear with Katerina pinned to the wall, my knife to her neck.
“Tell me where they are, NOW.” I yelled at her. Dragging the knife, cutting her slightly, she winced.
“You kill me you might as well have said your goodbyes long ago.” She said coldly.
“Fine, then tell me so we can leave.” I growled.
“Ha, Yeah right you stupid whore, I’m coming with you, nothing you can change about that. Unless you want them to die.” She hissed. I pressed tighter and she smirked.
“Fine, as soon as we find them, don’t be sure you’ll be staying with us.” I turned away.
“Uhm, Maia how ‘bout I hold the knife.” Frank said in a cracked voice. I just glared and handed it over; they didn’t know I still had my gun. Katerina shoved between us.
“C’mon, let’s go before we find the prince of... popsicles.” She laughed for a few seconds then led us in the direction she had told us Gerard and Mikey were quickly freezing to death. Frank held my hand as we came upon a frozen lake, his hand almost crushing mine he was squeezing so tightly. I winced and moaned with pain.

Mind Convo

”Frank let up. What’s wrong?”
“Other than the ice here is thin and brittle and cheap glass, nothing.”
“Why are you so afraid? We can just go over that log there.”
“That wasn’t there when I was out here last. That was only a few days ago.”
“C’mon spill. Or I will have to get to other methods.”
“You dirty girl, Fine, this is where Gerard turned me, it was many years ago, I was here waiting for the love of my life to come see me, so we could run away together me and him weren’t welcome in town back then, I slipped and fell through the ice when Gerard jumped down from a tree and cracked the ice, his face was covered in my love’s blood, I wanted to just fall down deeper into the water, but he helped me out, the just said ‘live or die?’ I chose to live, I didn’t know what he meant, or that it was going to be for eternity, he said he loved me, said he loved me more then the man he killed for me. Stupid liar, he left me at first sight of new blood, rich and pure blood, your blood. He would stand me up, yell at me, and lie to me. Just to watch you, it was sickening, that’s why I was so mean to you, I hated you for taking him from me, but I couldn’t help but fall for you my dear, I- I love you. I just always have had an eternal fear of this lake since that say, it ruined my life, but at the same time, it began again.”.
“Frank, that so sweet, I love you too, but- can I have my hand back, before you break it?
If you do I promise nothing will hurt you. Do you trust me?”
“Yes. I trust you.”

He dropped my hand from his and gave me a kiss upon the cheek.
I blushed, Katerina giggled.
“Don’t forget to tell you mistress that you can’t stay in love with him, you must marry the prince of vampires, if you want to save the vampirean race and destroy mankind. So Frank don’t keep your hopes up doll face, she has to marry the man who killed you inside, Gerard, once again he ruins your life, unless of course, you kill him, then the role of king is passed unto his killer. Then again wouldn’t want to upset your lady. Now would you?”
He was crying I knew it wasn’t from the wind, they were real tears,
“Katerina, imagine where they are, Maia, grab her hand,”
I could see where Mikey and Gerard were, Frank simply connected himself to me.
He dug his fangs into my neck, I heard a pop, the air had changed, I could smell blood, Gee’s blood, a lot of his, and some of Mikey’s. I let out a soft moan as Frank stopped the bleeding. He let go and walked behind a nearby tree still crying.
“Gerard, I’m so glad you’re ok, and Mikey, oh thank god. Katerina, check Mikey for any wounds, I’ll fix up Gee.” Gerard was half dead in the snow, I let my fangs fall and slipped it across my arm, giving his a little blood, just enough for sustenance. He half-opened his eyes.
“You saved us, I knew you would.” He sighed and slipped out of consciousness. Becoming a limp body in the snow, he had a hole, right below where his heart should be.
“Katerina, what happened?”
“Stupid killers thought it’d be fun to play with spikes, I killed those guys, after they got in a shot on them, and he got the worst of the survivors… he’s been losing so much blood, he’ll be dead in an hour, its too late for him, we best just leave and get Mikey to safety. Looks like your mistress may get his wish afterall. Let him put Gee out of his misery, please, we’ll all be better off.”