Sweet Blood

Our Lady Sweet Blood

He watched me walk away, even when he went back with his 4 other friends, he looked a bit older than me. Than again alot of people do. I walked into the girlls bathroom, there were a couple of girls sitting on the sinks smoking and drinking, I went into the stall farthest from them and took out my meter. I extended the needle, i needed to clean it, Gerards blood had tainted it, come to think of it, i had tainted his own blood with mine. 'We might as well become blood buddies, but what if he had a virus in his blood oh well to bad for me'
I thought, adn without cleaning the needle let it go back in the meter read "error" I laughed, even machines can be fooled by the simplest trickery. I jabbed my thumb, a tiny drop of ruby nectar came from the hole in my thumb. I allowed the meter to take the droplet, after a few seconds, the meter gave its 'evaluation' , the number wasnt good, 225, no good, too high, I grabbed a fresh needle and mixed the clear insilin with the cloudy stuff, i put about 3 units of it oin the syringe. I pinched up a piece of baby fat and slid the needle in, squishing the cold liquid inside me. It should be to work in a few minutes. i placed my thuings back in my bag, i didnt feel like carrying around, and i didnt know where my first class was, and i knew who would love to bring me. So i walked back to my locker, Gerard and his little group had diminished, only Gerard was there.
I could have sworn he was waiting for me, i did the same tthing, opened my locker, put my things behind my curtain, first checking to see how the insilin was working, 210,very well, now i just need it to go down about 100 and i would be a normal person. "So Maia, Whats your first class?" he took the question from me, he knew i needed his help, "Hi, blood buddy, i have Biology, why do you want to know?" I said he gave me a wierd look, "Blood buddy? what do you mean?" he is so cute when he is confused, "You used my meter, so my blood is in you, i didnt clean the meter before using it, so your blood is in me." the look of confusion left his face, he smiled, "Sweet, I have biology first also" he said, licking his teeth, "I needed a new lab partener." i smiled, "Well here you go, Take me away to the endless abyss that is school," I said dramatically, giving him my hand, he laughed, "Of course my lady Sweet Blood" he said, a tinge of drama in his voice, he took my hand and we walked off down the hall, hand in hand, "Sweet blood eh? I like it."