Sweet Blood

Heaven cant help us now

I cried harder than I had ever before,
How do they expect me to just let Frank kill him, I know its important that the ‘prince’ is killed to bestow the crown unto a new person, but I was being torn between the two people I love, one was dying, and one who could kill him.

“M’lady, might I add that if Frank doesn’t Kill him and create a new ruler, we all die, you first, then every single person after him in the chain, except Draco, he wont be harmed at all, leaving the mortal world for his control, though without you to increase his power it will be more difficult for him.”

So if I don’t let Frank kill Gerard, we all die?

I wiped away the tears and Kissed Gerard’s cold white lips and whispered to him.
“Goodbye, I love you.” I laid his motionless body in the snow.
“Please Frank, just do it.” I walked away and buried myself in franks arms. I looked up to him and he nodded. His arms dropped from around me, pulling the knife he had taken from me out of his pocket. He let the knife fall to the snow.

This was the last time I would ever see the man I fell in love with all those years ago. I never knew I would be the one to take his life, but he had told me how to do it, but did not want to ruin his already broken, but perfect body. I loved him too much. A tear fell from my eye; I ignored it and dropped the knife from my hand. There was only one thing I could do, I wanted to be with Maia, but having to kill my best friend, way too much for me, and I knew she loved him, and this would be the hardest thing for anyone to do.
I dropped to my knees beside his unconscious form.
“Goodbye my dear Gerard, please, be good to Maia.” I whispered, almost too quiet for anyone to hear. I wiped away my tears and opened his shirt, exposing his bloody chest to the harsh wind. I sat him up, laying him in my lap.
“I love you Maia.” I spoke loud enough for her to hear. Then bit down onto Gerard’s pale neck. I drained every last bit of myself into his half dead body, I opened my eyes and looked to his chest, the wound was closing, and his eyes opened. He groaned either in pain or pleasure. I didn’t know. My jaw fell loose, my vision blurred, and my arms let go of his shoulders. I fell for what seemed like an eternity into the cold white snow beside me. Maia cam into my blurred vision, I smiled.
“I l-” everything was gone; I had given up my soul for Gerard, no For Maia.