Sweet Blood

haha you're dead

I woke up to someone shaking me frantically.
"Mm, Kat, whats going on?" I looked up to hear fear filled face. My eyes stung from crying and Gerard was no longer by my side.
"Mikey, Gee and Ryan left already. We have to hurry, They went to thin out the crowd, we have to get Pete out of his room and then catch up and get rid of what they didn't." She turned away and opened a closet, pulling out 2 dresses.
"Mother fuckers. They couldn't leave any modern clothes for us?" I mumbled.
"Guess well have to kick some ass in dresses." She laughed throwing a black and red strapless dress at me. it kinda pooffed out at the bottom with red lace and 2 bows.
"Hell yeah." I yawned and sipped on the dress and she pulled on hers. It was long and black with a lace tight top part and a silk skirt.
I pulled on a pair of knee high lace up boots and slipped my gun in the side, and she put on some similar boots.
"C'mon, we have to get Pete." We quickly went down the stairs, but our task was already finished, he was sitting on a chair staring out the window.
"Pete, we need your help, you have to come with us." I said softly, walking over to him. He shook his head and pulled a gun from his pocket, he held it out to us.
"Take this Katerina, you'll need it." He said monotonously. She winced and grabbed it slowly.
"Aren't you coming with us?" I questioned. He shook his head no.
"I have to stay behind to watch the house, we need somewhere to tend to the injured." He looked up at me and smiled. He took my hand.
"You dear Maia, be safe." I looked down and nodded. I saw his wrist, it was red and covered in dried cuts.
"Pete you..." he shushed me,
"I'll be fine, now you two leave now!" He let go and pointed at the door, it opened. I turned to Kat who was staring at the gun in her hand. I tapped her shoulder and she looked at me.
"Lets go." I sighed, and went out the door, she was right beside me.
"Oh my god," She cried, I felt sick, the once white snow was stained black with blood. I pulled my gun from my boot and motioned for kat to follow me.
We went
until the snow was still wet and the blood was a lighter shade.
"look." She whispered, there was a group out in the distance of about ten, coming closer towards us, really fast.
"Kat, get your gun ready." I growled and ran forward. One of the figures ran forwards towards me. It was a vampire, His skin white as the snow, his eyes red as blood. He jumped forward with his fangs extended. I ducked down and lifted my foot making him fall face first in the snow. I got up and stomped on his neck, a crack noise erupted and the other maybe 9 vampires with him ran forward.
"Kat, shoot em down." She nodded and pointed the gun towards one of them she pulled the trigger a spurt of blood came from his head and he fell. she shot down 2 the ran forwards, jumping on one and biting his neck crushing it. She jumped from his falling body and wrapped her legs around another's neck flipping him down onto the snow and crushing his face with a stomp to the head. She grabbed the last vampire and thrust her hand right into his chest, riping his heart right from his body. He slumped to the ground dead.
I grabbed one guy by the neck lifting myself from the ground I wrapped my feet around another's neck, twisting and snapping both their necks. I shot the last guy square in the face. he dropped next to the bodies of the others.
"Lets go." Kat said smiling. I nodded and we raced off in the distance. Freshly killed bodies lay scattered in the snow. Not far off we could see a fight going on, what looked to be 3 on well a lot.