Sweet Blood

Stab me in the Heart

We ran towards the mob of people, killing our way through to the middle where Gerard, Mikey, and Ryan, who was hurt and should’ve stayed home in the first place, were trying to fight their way to freedom.
The three of them were covered in gashes and bruises. I shot down at least 8 vampires trying to get to the middle and Kat killed 6. So that left at least 15… most people would have counted us as screwed. To tell you the truth, I thought we were too, for a minute.

I went to shoot a bullet in one of their heads… only problem the clip was empty, so I threw the crystal handled probably expensive pistol and hit him in the head leaving a nice big dent and lots of blood. Katerina tossed me her pistol; her preferred method of killing was the bare boned straight up knock to the head killing, None of that ‘bullet to the head bull’, I just wanted it to all be done quick so this would all be done and over with.

10 minutes, that was all it took, all the dead bodies lay in the snow, rather now the pool of blood and slush that was snow.

Right behind me, I heard a twig snap, I turned quickly, there was no one, I saw footsteps being created out of nowhere, then I saw the knife come out from no where, saw its blade being plunged into my chest where my heart resides. I took the only means of survival I thought I could…
♠ ♠ ♠
My apologies to all my readers, i doubt you'll even remember this story seeing as its been almost a year since i've updated. SORRY <3