Sweet Blood

I dont love you anymore

I pulled in a long deep breath, the cold air made my lungs sting. I didn’t know where I was, who I was or what I was doing. I felt like I wasn’t the only spirit trying to live within whatever body I was in. It was weak, and had barely any energy. I forced ‘my’ eyes open, big surprise I saw snow. I lifted myself to my new knees, instantly recognizing my new hands… through my new eyes. I felt the freezing metal rings in my mouth. I’m Frank

The thought raced through my head. He was still somewhat alive. His spirit had nowhere to go, he wasn’t evil but he wasn’t good, he was just lost, and still partially attached to his body. I was overjoyed, but had no energy to show it. I heard the sound of a hunter and somehow, in seconds, I was feeding off his dead body. I got a sudden rush of energy, but slowly tried to make my way to the bloody clearing. I tried to use my powers… but I was in no shape to do so.

I wandered for a little while, maybe only 20 minutes, I finally saw a group in the distance, and I hoped to whatever higher power was around that it was my friends… how they would react to the little reunion would be a Kodak moment for sure.
“Gee!” I called out, they all turned, I dropped to my knees, crying in the snow. I felt arms crash around ‘my’ figure.

“Gee… its- this isn’t Frankie… it’s me… Sort of, well its um Maia.”
Gerard looked at me with a puzzled and upset look.
“Babe it’s a long story, just… well where is my body?”
He pointed over at the nearly blue body that had been covered by his jacket in a feebly attempt to keep me warm.
I miss you Frankie, I really do. I honestly think I love you more than I love Gee…

I bared my fangs and plunged them into the skin on my bodies’ neck. I wished so badly that Frank could have been the one to change me, that I would marry Frank. I was scared, if he could leave Frank to love me, then who’s to say he wouldn’t find someone else to love?

I could feel the pain in my gut, my head and just everywhere; the pain Frank went through to save Gerard for me. It got overwhelming; I got an instant feeling of self-loathing, knowing all that Frankie put himself through, and now I realize how much I really do love him. I hoped that his spirit would hear my thoughts. I swear I heard his last thoughts before he… died.

My eyes, on my body reopened, the wound in my chest was fixed, and there wasn’t even a scar. Mikey had an over confident smug look on, just telling me he wanted to brag about it.

I felt a cold figure, dead weight on my one side. I knew it was Frankie’s body, I started to cry, I just bawled. I grabbed his body in my arms, and cried some more. I buried my face in his cold chest.

Gerard’s hand clasped onto my shoulder, trying to console me, to make me leave Frankie again. I shrugged it away, I tried at least, he pulled me up, and I couldn’t keep my grip on frank’s body. I tried to get away, but he was too strong, he pulled me into his body, wrapping his arms around my body. I kicked, I clawed, I punched and I screamed at him to let me go. I finally did it, I swear, it killed him.
“Fuck you Gerard, just Fuck you, I HATE you, I don’t fucking love you I never fucking did!”