Sweet Blood

Red roses and Razors

Gerard walked me to all my classes, he was nice, i think i may even like me. He kept forgetting what he was going to say and getting all goggley eyed. He was cute, we had all of our classes together, he was a better actor than he let on. I pictured him in green tights. i started laughing in my head, I didnt want them to think I was that big a freak. He saw i was laughing though, i lied when he asked what was so funny, then it was my turn. I had to go up in the middle of the class,we were doing improv, the teacher gave me a little piece of paper, it told me how to start, "you just found out you have an uncurable illness" i looked and laughed, 'what a difficult task' i though,
"Oh what will become of this tragic feat, you have told me my fault which i cant undo, it will stay with me to the end, maybe that it shall be. Will it be my end, with proper treatment it can be controlled, I will not let it controll me, it is my life, you cannot tell me what i can or cannot do. With this knife in my hand, an illness shant take me, I will die at my own hand." I finished by pretending to thrust a dagger into my chest. I dropped to my knees and fell on my side. I stopped, I didnt breathe, I didnt move, I just layed there waiting for a response. The class burst into a frenzy, they clapped shouted, wanted me to do more. I bowed and took my seat next to Gerard, "Good job Sweet,"he wispered in my ear, i smiled "Thanks." The teacher looked at me in awe, "Miss.Halcyone, see me at the end of class." she said, I nodded. A few other people went up after me, then the final bell rang. I told Gerard to wait for me at my locker. Like Miss said, i went to see her,
"Maia, i didnt know you were such a wonderful actress, we could use someone like you on the improv team our talent is soreley lacking." she was firm and to the point, "I will have to think about it Miss." and then i left, i really couldnt stop thinking about it. Then i stopped thinking all together when i saw Gerard.
He was leaning on my locker, he had something shiny in his hand, it was small, and looked sharp, and oh so familiar. I knew what it was, a razor blade. I looked in shock,"Might i ask why you have that?" i said, fear in my voice. "What this? 0h it was laying in the hall, close to your locker." i could tell he was lying, there something about his eyes. "Give me your arm" i said firmly, "no, i dont want to"he said, he knew he was busted. "I said give me your fucking arm!" i screamed, all the people in the hall turned in our direction.
"Fine, just dont make a huge scene." he said sadly, extending his arm. I pulled up the sleve of his trench coat. I gasped, there were several scars, and a fresh slightly bleeding cut. "What the fuck Gerard, why?"
i whispered. he didnt speak for a minute an a half,
"Because Maia, I dont know why, i guess its because theres something messing with my medication" he said, there was more, i wanted to know, "Who or what is messing with your meds?" he paused again, looking at the ground, then he looked me staright in the eyes, i knew there was pain in them, he had something to say, he was too shy to say it, "Why cant you just tell me Gerard? What is so shameful?" he turned looking out the wndow, as if there was some sort of lifeline out there that would give him the answer. "Its just, I...