Sweet Blood

We All Fall Down

"Maia, i really like you, and in my mind, i cant deal with those emotions, they make me do stupid shit. So really, its you who is messing with my meds" It struck me dumb, i doint know what to say. I really like you too, that was so cheesey, but if i said nothing , then he would kill himself, and i would have the guilty consience. "Gerard, why didnt you just tell me? Cutting yourself wont solve anything. Who knows, maybe i like you back?" He looked up at me, "I was'nt expecting that sort of reaction was expecting, for some reason i thought you would slpa me or something, not this, i wouldnt think you cared." he said, looking up at me, his eys were glowing again, there was hope in them. "Of course I like you Gerard, you are one persisntent person, most people stop at the tampons, you must be used to seeing those things" i said smirking. "Well its not like there used or anything.", he laughed, "Too true," giggled, "You are so cute when you laugh, so i was wondering, what you were doing tonight?" he smiled, a coy look formed on his face. "Nothing, Why? what did you want to do?"I said tilting my head, my books started to get heavy, i felt really dizzy. " We could go out for dinner or something-" thats the last thing i heard before i collapsed.
*In Gerard’s POV*
. “We could go out for dinner or something-“I didn’t get to finish my sentence, she just collapsed.
I moved fast enough so I could catch her, she had the razor in her hand still, she was gripping down tight, I saw blood dripping from it. I laid her down on the cold hard ground, an absent look on her face, she turned pale, I was afraid she was dead. I looked at her chest, steady movement, I checked her pulse, it was faint, but evident. I was so scared, my friends had seen the whole thing, they had come running over, Justin took the razor from her hand and tried stopping the blood from pouring out Greg had called an ambulance. I snapped back into reality, I thought, ‘Her Sugar!’ I thought. I grabbed her purse, rummaged through it, “what the hell are you doing Gee?’ Greg said confused. I didn’t answer; he must have thought I was trying to steal.
I wouldn’t steal from Maia; she was too beautiful a girl for me to steal from. THERE, I found it, the meter, I jabbed her finger, the same way I did myself. I waited for the result, 450, as far as I knew that was really high. I couldn’t give her insulin, I didn’t know how. I heard the ambulance, Greg ran to get the paramedics.
A few minutes later they were in the hallway, strapping her to a stretcher. I showed the one medic the reading, “Shit, well who is coming with her?” he asked. I raised my hand and hopped into the ambulance behind the stretcher, I held her hand the entire drive.