Sweet Blood

Set me free

Oh fuck, well this was interesting. He was either going to rape me, beat me or kill me. I was honestly hoping for him to beat me. That was pain I could handle, although, he was very strong for someone so scrawny.
He could probably do a lot of damage to my frail body. He had me tied down; there was tape over my mouth. I was crying in agony, the ropes on my wrists were too tight; the ropes he put around my ankles had them twisted painfully.
“Aw, the little girl is crying, she must want her Gerard” he cooed in a baby voice, getting right in my face. He looked me in the eyes and used his tongue to play with his long sharp incisors. I wanted to cringe, but I knew he would hit me. My cheek was still pulsing from the last time. He made a gesture to slap me, but instead ripped the tape off my face. I cringed from the pain and let out a soft cry. He slapped me again, on the same spot.
I wanted to cringe, but I didn’t want to get slapped again, it was still sore from the last two times. I nodded,
He would know If I lied. It was way too obvious,
“Well its too bad, cause I’m the only one here,” with that he lunged forward, crashing his lips on mine. He slipped his tongue in; I could feel tears falling down my pale face. It was too much for me to handle. He pulled back.
“Aw, don’t cry.” He said stroking my face. Then he went back to forcing me to kiss him. I held back tears as best as I could, when he let hi hands wander I cried again. That was until I heard a knock on the door.
“Frank, open the door, now!” It sounded like Gerard or Mikey, I went to scream, but saw the gun and switchblade on Frank’s desk. He but more tape over my mouth and moved me into the closet.
“just shut-up and keep quiet.” With that he closed one door and opened another.
I was so confused, i didnt know what i was supposed to do.
Wait in here until Franks gets gerard or Mikey out of the room, so he can kill me.
I wanted to scream, but there was the tape over my mouth. I tried getting it off, but my hands were behind my back and i couldnt get them out from behind me. Then i got the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe, there was a connection between mine and Gerards minds. I thought, really hard. 'look in the closet' over and over.
I heard his voice. 'I'm coming Maia', A few seconds went by before i heard a voice.
"Frank, I need to get to the attic for a minute, the opening is in your closet. You dont mind, do you?"
"Not at all mikey, go right ahead," said frank, it sounded like he said so through clenched teeth.
The door of the closet swung open, showering me in light. I squinted, it burned, it always had.
As my pupils adjusted to the light, a figure appeared, Mikey.
He looked at me for a few seconds, then turned to face frank.
"You are in so much shit for this, Gerard is going to kill you" Mikey said, anger in his voice.
"Or maybe, i will get the pleasure from hurting you for hurting her." He yelled, sending his body flying towards his. I stood up, watching as the two bodys fell to the floor. attacking one another in a fit of rage.
I thought to Gerard, "Get to franks room, now" then i wondered. Why is Mikey so angry, why is he so mad at frank?, It hit me, either he was defending gerard, or he was in love with me.
My mind was racing; I was hoping that Gerard couldn’t hear me. I used my hands as best as I could to get the tape off my mouth. I knew yelling at them would do nothing, so I used my experience from Juvie, oh yeah, didn’t I say I spent 3 years in juvie for shoplifting, trespassing and breaking and entering. I had learned to pick even the hardest locks. Too bad for frank he didn’t know that before he put handcuffs on me. I grabbed the pin from my hair and picked the lock, I heard a click and the cuff dropped. I got the other one undone and got out of the closet.
“Frank, leave Mikey alone.” I screamed. I jumped between the two and stopped, waiting for one of them to hit me. I had a hand on both of their chests. Their faces red and covered with sweat and blood, their chests heaving up and down. I could feel a single tear rolling down my face.
“Stop, just please stop.” I pleaded. I felt Frank pull away, my one arm fell and I dropped to the ground. I was on my knees sobbing and not knowing it; I had wrapped my arms around Mikey, who was now sitting next to me, comforting me. I felt comfortable in his arms, ‘no, this is wrong, I love Gerard’ I thought.
“Fuck Gerard, I love you more than he could,” he whispered in my ear.
“I cant Mikey, I love him, I don’t know where my heart really is.” I said, pushing him away. I turned to stand up. There was a cool draft, a window was open, Frankie must have ran to the woods. I looked at the door and moved towards it.
”Will you really be able to face us both Maia? IF you love us both, then what will you do?” Mikey said.
“I don’t know Mikey, I can only hope it gets better.” I sighed. Going out the door, turning the corner.
I wondered why Gerard hadn’t gotten there. Turning the corner, I found my reason.