The Poison Apple

Don't worry i'll protect you

“Hey Zack, you listening to me?” Syn waved his hand in front of my face. “Ya dude.” I replied even though I wasn’t, instead I was staring at a girl who I knew I wanted, snow white skin, 5 piercing, black hair with bangs, and a cute red ribbon in her hair. “Dude she’s fucking hot.” Syn stated. “Fuck off Gates I saw her first.” I shot him a glare before setting my eyes back on her.

Syn rolled his eyes and walked away probably to get in a quickie before lunch. She looked around for a place to sit then her eyes looked up at me. I waved her over she looked next to her then behind her before pointing at herself as if to say me? I nodded then she walked over to me and flashed me a smile showing off her pearly white teeth. “Thanks I’m Snow Beckett.” She smiled again. “I’m Zacky Baker but my stage name is Zacky Vengeance.” I flashed her a smile.

“Stage name?” She asked with a puzzled look. “Oh yea I’m in a band I play guitar.” I said making her if even possible smile wider. “Do you play anything?” I asked.

“Ya I can play guitar, drums, sing, oh and I can play the saxophone.” The bell rang. It was now lunch time, “Hey you wanna come eat with me and my friends.” I asked her. “Sure that’d be nice.” She stood up and walked next to me as I lead her out of the school and into the park where I saw the guys already had the food. “Wow there very muscular.” She stated. I smirked, “Don’t worry I’ll protect you.”