The Poison Apple

Snow Don't Cry

Snow’s pov
I woke up with my head on Zacky’s chest, I realized that we had sex but I didn’t care right now.

I herd my phone vibrate. I reached over to the floor next to the bed and grabbed my phone.

I grabbed my clothes and dressed quickly the jotted down a note for Zacky.

Then I ran down the stairs and out of the house.

I bolted down the street a long time until I got to the apartment building.

Police cars were all around.

“Are you Snow Beckett?” an officer asked me.

I nodded and he quickly led me inside.

“Where were you between 1 o’clock to 9o’clock last night?” he asked me.

“I was at a party with some friends, why?” I asked scared.

He opened the door to the apartment I gasped at what I saw.

There was blood everywhere and written in blood on the wall again was “I’m Coming For You!”

“Where’s Alex!” I cried.

Then I saw it a stretcher coming from his bed room.

“Alex!” I cried rushing to his side.

His neck had a brace on it and he had multiple injuries from what I could tell.

“Snow” he whispered.

I followed them into the ambulance and held Alex’s hand.

Alex was hanging on for me I knew he wouldn’t give up

They rushed him to the er I stayed strong and didn’t cry the whole time I filled out his paper work.

“Excuse me are you Snow Beckett?” The doctor asked me.

I nodded he motioned for me to follow

“Is he going to be okay?” I asked him.

“Actually we aren’t sure he could either live or die at this point.” he spoke.

“I’d like to ask you to stay with him just incase something like that does happen.” He continued.

I nodded, “I will.”

“Good I’ll have a nurse bring in a bed for you.” He nodded and pointed me in the direction of Alex’s room.

Alex was laying in a hospital bed he looked terrible.

His neck in a brace, his leg in a cast and being elevated, his left arm was broken too.

“Alex.” I cried as I walked over to him.

“Snow don’t cry.” He voice was scratchy.

“I should have stayed with you Alex I shouldn’t have gone to that party.” I cried.

“Snow this isn’t your fault, if you were there you might have died.” He spoke.

A nurse wheeled in another hospital bed next to Alex’s bed and gave me a small smile then walked off.

I climbed into the bed and talked to Alex I told him I had sex and every thing I drank and a few drugs I had done.

He looked disappointed but understanding

We watched his favorite show together then he fell asleep.

I tried to fall asleep but I was too focused on Alex’s heart monitors steady beat.
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