The Poison Apple

You Can Stay With Me

I ran out the door and towards Alex’s room.

One of the nurses tried to hold me back, “No please that’s my brother please!” I cried tears streaming down my face.

She finally let go of me and I raced to his side he was barley hanging on.

“I’m so sorry Alex I shouldn’t have left your side I’m sorry.” I cried holding his hand softly.

He smiled at me and whispered softly, “Snow don’t wait for me” then he kissed my cheek and his eyes focused on the ceiling.

“Alex, Alex come back!” I screamed as the doctor tried to revive him.

His hand holding mine got weak and I knew those were the last words Alex would ever speak.

The doctors and nurses gave me sad looks, then the doctor walked away for a second.

One of the nurses tried to touch me, “Get off me bitch!” I yelled angrily.

She jumped back shocked that such a sweet looking girl would yell like that.

She walked away just as Matt, Zacky, Jimmy, and Johnny all walked in.

Matt put his hand on my shoulder and I quickly pushed it off.

“Excuse me I need you to sign this.” The doctor spoke handing me a piece of paper and a pen.

I didn’t even look at the paper I just signed my name on the dotted line.

The guys stood awkwardly by the door watching me.

I wasn’t going to let go of Alex yet his hand was still in mine except now I was the only one holding on.

The doctor handed me the piece of paper after writing his signature then walked away after saying goodbye.

I looked at the piece of paper, it was no ordinary piece of paper it was Alex’s death certificate.

I didn’t want to believe any of this

Alex’s lifeless eyes stared at the ceiling, his body had grown cold

It took me 5 hours of just kneeling on the ground and holding his hand to finally let go.

Once I let go of his hand reality hit me, Alex my only family was dead, and he wasn’t coming back.

I cried on the ground, the rest of the guys sat on the ground they set their heads in their hands and just listened to me cry.

An hour later some people came and wheeled Alex away after making me verify that he was Alex Beckett.

I walked out of the hospital Alex’s death certificate in my hand.

“Snow we’ll give you a ride home.” Zacky said.

I looked at him and nodded then climbed into I think Matt’s car.

They dropped me off and police were still in the house looking for prints but all they had found were just Alex’s and my prints.

“Snow you can stay with me I don’t want you to go through any more pain.” Zacky pulled me into his apartment.

I remained quiet as I laid on the couch, Zacky talked to me about his parents, friends, band, songs you know basic shit.

I fell asleep and I swear that while I was drifting off to sleep I saw Zacky holding a knife in front of me as if he was going to kill me.
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