The Poison Apple

We Have A Date Tonight

Snow’s pov
I woke up but didn’t open my eyes because I heard voices.

“Dude, does she know it was you who killed her brother?” Matt asked.

“No she doesn’t have a clue.” Zacky stated.

“What are you going to do she’s going to find out.” Johnny added.

“She won’t, tonight I’ll get her to go on a date with me and I’ll kill her, it’s a done deal.” Zacky told them.

“Okay, dude but you better hope so other wise this is all going to blow up in your face.” Matt said.

“Whatever, you guys should go, she’ll wake up soon.” Zacky spoke.

Soon after that the door slammed shut, making my eyes open.

“Hey Snow, baby you want to go change? We have a date tonight.” Zacky spoke acting innocent.

I nodded, “Sure Zack.”

I walked back to my apartment, I wasn’t safe.

I now knew that.

The only way for me to be safe was to get far away from here.

Hunnington Beach wasn’t good for me, especially since Zacky my own boyfriend who killed my brother was trying to kill me.

I had to make a plan,

I grabbed some clothes, and took a shower trying to relax but failed.

After my shower I ate, looked at some pictures of me and Alex at Disney land, then I packed some shit in a duffle bag, I walked out the back of the apartments and set it behind the fence where no one could see it.

Then I acted like I was throwing out some trash incase anyone was watching.

Which I was right when Zacky came out the back and asked what I was up too.

“Oh you know just throwing out some trash.” I nodded and gave him a weak smile.

He nodded and put his arm around me, “So you ready for our date?” He asked.

I nodded and looked down at my outfit I was wearing a dress with that made me look like snow white, and I had a red ribbon in my hair.

“Yup I’m ready.” I smiled.
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Thank you for reading! i'm ending this soon not sure when.