The Poison Apple

I'm Back

Zacky’s pov
I smiled wide at Snow as she took a bite out of the poisoned apple.

“Goodbye, Snow.” I smiled and watched her fall back onto the ground.

The apple that was in her hand rolled off her palm into the ground.

I leaned over the basket and kissed her cheek softly, then smiled at her.

She was gone, I had done it.

I grabbed the basket and walked out of the barn.

“Stupid girl.” I laughed, throwing the basket in the back seat of my car and drove to Matt’s house, to tell them I had done it.

When I got there I opened the door and saw all of the guys sitting on the couch.

“I did it.” I smiled wide.

The guys high fived me and handed me a beer.

The rest of the night we laughed and talked.

Thinking of her made me smile wide.

Those lips, her piercings, her hair, and her body.

God I wanted her again.

To bad she’s dead.

(A few days later)

Zacky’s pov

I sat on Matt’s couch with the rest of the guys.

Beers in our hands watching the news.

“In recent news, the outline of a body and a poisoned apple was found in an abandoned barn, a few miles from Hunnington.” The news lady spoke.

“Wait, what does she mean outline?” I asked throwing the empty can on the table.

“That’s right, there was an outline of a body, and the police who arrived on the scene were baffled when they found the outline but no body.” The other news girl spoke.

I shut off the TV, “There is no way she could have lived.” I said.

The guys looked shocked.

“Dude if she’s out there she could charge you for attempted murder.” Brian told me.

“There is no fucking way she’s alive.” I growled, walking out of the house and driving back to my apartment.

I threw the door to her apartment open, most things were missing as I looked around.

“Fuck!” I yelled angrily throwing the couch over.

She is alive, and she’s out there.

When I went to sleep that night I dreamed of her standing over me a devilish smile on her face.

"I'm Back." She whispered.
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