The Poison Apple

Where'd you meet this one? In a ***ing library?

Snow’s pov
“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Zacky said. I nodded and continued walking with him to the group of guys. “Hey Zacky who’s the chick?” Matt asked. “I’m Snow Beckett.” She stuck her hand out for him to shake which he did while he introduced the guys, “I’m Matt, that’s Brian, Johnny, and Jimmy.” She nodded and shook hands with them before, sitting down with the guys.

We all started talking about random stuff then we herd a bell. I jumped up, “Oh my gosh are we late?” I asked since I didn’t want to be late ever.

They laughed and Brian said, “Where’d you meet this one Zacky? In a fucking library?” Zacky glared at him and hissed something I couldn’t pick up.

Then he grabbed my hand his face softened. “I’m sorry about them, they just have one thing on their mind.” He spoke as we walked across the street back into the school parking lot.

“It’s okay I guess.” I nodded not wanting him to let go of my hand.

He stopped and I turned to look into his green eyes the seemed to have sparkle in them for a second. “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked. “No.” I shook my head no and bit my lip. “Do you need a ride home after school?” He asked. “Yea.” I said knowing if I didn’t get a ride I’d have to walk 18 blocks home. The bell rang again “Time for class I yelled running ahead of him and into the school.
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