The Poison Apple

How Was Your Day Gremlin?

Zacky’s pov
Snow ran ahead of me into the school I smirked and slowly made my way inside.

“I see you left the chick.” Syn said from behind me.

I looked at him and smirked before picking up my book for bio and saying, “It’s all part of the plan.” Syn smirked and nodded before heading off to gym.

*3 hours later*

Snow’s pov
I put my last book from Science safely in my locker then grabbed my back pack that had my binder, and eyeliner in it, then when I shut my locker I smiled when I saw Zacky walking down the hall smiling at me!

I was falling for this guy already and It hadn’t even been a whole day yet. “You ready to go?” He asked once he had reached me. I nodded and we walked out of the building and he led me to his car. “So where do you live?” He asked sticking his keys in the ignition. “Um in park drive apartments.” He nodded and said, “Hey, I live there too apartment 661.” he smiled. I smiled and said, “I’m in apartment 666.”

“You live alone?” he asked.

“No I live with my older brother Alex.” I stated as he drove off down the street. “But he’s usually gone since he has to work to pay for food, clothes, TV, Internet.” I continued.

He nodded and smiled once he pulled into the parking lot.

“Thanks Zacky.” I smiled grabbing my backpack and heading towards the door.

“Hey do you have a cell phone?” he asked catching up with me.

“Oh yea here.” I reached into my bag pulling out my eyeliner then grabbing his hand and wrote my number on it.

“There” I smiled when I was done

“Here.” He smiled and opened the door to the lobby of the apartments.

We walked in and to the elevator and I pushed the button to floor 7 where my apartment and Zacky’s apartment were.

We didn’t really talk in the elevator when the doors opened I smiled and waved to Zacky then unlocked the door to my apartment.

“Hey Alex!” I yelled once I walked in the door. It was about 4:25 and this was Alex’s break time so he was cooking me dinner to reheat at 6:00 while he’s a work.

“How was your day Gremlin?”
♠ ♠ ♠