The Poison Apple

12:15 at night

Zacky’s pov
It’s 12:15 at night, Snow is home alone and I’m only 7 apartments away from her.

I smirked thinking of her smile while twirling a knife in my fingers.

Time to start plan one I thought to myself as I climbed out on the edge of the building and carefully walked down to apartment 666’s window.

Through the window I saw Snow sleeping on the couch in front of the still running TV.

Slowly I snuck through the window after I opened it, and made a small cut in my arm.

I set my finger into the blood and started writing on the white wall in front of her.

After I was done with that I snuck out and back into my apartment whipped the blood from the skin and smiled like that cat from Alice In Wonderland as I crawled into bed.
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