The Poison Apple

Yah Dude And She's All Mine

Zacky comforted me until the police came.

The police talked to me and they decided that they were going to take blood samples from everyone in the building just incase.

Alex came home and was told what happened by the police.

He hugged me tightly as he was hugging me I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head.

I turned to see Zacky and his friends standing at the door.

“We just wanted to know if Snow wanted to hang out, you know get her mind off of this hole thing.” Zacky spoke pulling out the charm.

I looked at Alex since he had to leave in a few minutes anyways.

“Why don’t you go, so you won’t be alone today.” Alex suggested.

I nodded slowly then told the guys just to wait while I go change.

I dressed in a black short skirt, and a red tank top with a pair of red chuck taylors.

Then I walked out Alex was already gone but the guys were just kind of lounging on the couch while the police took samples of their blood.

Once they were done we left and we all rode in Zacky’s car to the mall.

Zacky’s pov
The police men took samples of all of our blood, good think my blood is unidentifiable.

We took Snow to the mall she needed a make over her body and face was fine, all she needed is some hot ass clothes.

I bought her some clothes after some sweet talking her into the idea.

Then when we were done we dropped her off back at the apartment and I told her I’d see her later.

I drove us to Matt’s house for band practice.

“Dude she look fucking fine now!” Brian made the outline of her curves with his hands.

I smirked, “Yeah dude and she’s all mine.”

“Fuck you man, let’s just start practice.” Brian picked up his guitar.
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