The Poison Apple

I Have A Man Can't You See Him

Zacky’s pov
When I got home I dreamed for the first time in a while.

I dreamed about Snow her body pressed against mine, she looked sexier than ever.

Then I plunged my knife deep into her heart and let her cries please me until I twisted the knife and let her eyes loose their shine.

A smile appeared on my face as the blood seeped out of her chest staining my sheets.

But my dream was interrupted by my alarm clock ringing in my ears.

“Fuck.” I muttered hitting my alarm clock.

Time to get Snow to be my girl then do the deed.

Snow’s pov.
I dressed in an outfit Zacky bought me yesterday.

It was a tank top with skulls all over it, a pair of ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of heels that looked like converse.

Then I ate a toaster pastry before Alex dropped me off at school.

When I walked though the doors a bunch of guys gave me looks like they wanted to screw me and girls gave me looks like they wanted to kill me.

I felt on top of the world when I walked over to Zacky.

I heard guys whistle from behind me,

“Hey baby hows about me and you?” One of the guys asked snottily.

I rolled my eyes, “I have a man can’t you see him.” I pointed at Zacky hoping he’d go along with it so this guy would leave me alone.

“That faggot, are you kidding me.” He asked.

“She’s not, and I ain’t no faggot.” Zacky cut in wrapping his arm around my waist giving off the impression that we were a couple.

Matt, Brian, Jimmy, and Johnny stood strong behind us ready for a fight.

“Whoa, okay she’s yours man.” The guy cowered and ran off.

“Thanks.” I turned to face Zacky.

“No problem come on lets get to class.” he smirked.
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