The Poison Apple

A 9 and a half

Zacky pulled into a parking lot on the beach.

It was a carnival

Zacky opened the door for me and took my hand as we walked on the board walk.

We played some games, Zacky won me a stuffed zebra, and he bought me some cotton candy.

“So..” he spoke as I ate my cotton candy.

“If you had to rate this date from 1 to 10 what would it be?” he asked casually.

I blushed and let him have some cotton candy then answered, “I guess I’d give it a 9 and a half, but this was pretty good.”

“A 9 and a half, so does that mean I can take you on another date sometime?” He asked as we walked back to the car.

“Maybe.” I sang.

We got in his car and he drove very slowly home as we talked and laughed.

“I’ll drive you to school tomorrow if you want.” He said as we walked into the elevator.

“Sure I’d like that.” I nodded.

He kissed my cheek then walked into his apartment after telling me good night.

I walked into my apartment and screamed out of joy in to a pillow.

“I’m guessing your date went okay.” Alex laughed from his place on the couch.

I looked up and laughed then nodded.

“I’m glad your finally having fun here.” he spoke and ruffled my hair on his way into the kitchen.
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