Mind Link

So I'm writing this story because I recently found out that I can't access any of my stories on this computer and I have a lot of unposted chapters and I have no idea what's in them. So, for the next 3 or so months I'll be writing this story.
I'm gonna see where it takes me.
Enjoy :D
  1. Mind Splatter 1.
    The beginning
  2. Mind Splatter 2.
    "Sure, it was high school evil, but in the 21st century that was as bad as you could get."
  3. Mind Splatter 3.
    "Maybe it was their obsession with making people's lives miserable, or the fact that they liked getting all the attention."
  4. Mind Splatter 4.
    "When Cody and Tayla started fighting the rest of the world seemed to fade into non-existence."
  5. Mind Splatter 5.
    "The only comfort he took was the fact that he had friends... and better hair."
  6. Mind Splatter 6.
    "Teachers didn't want to teach classes with only one student, instead they'd like 20 impossibly annoying students who won't listen to a word they say regardless. "
  7. Mind Splatter 7.
    "Her heart dropped when she discovered she was going to be stuck with her brother and the idiot for a year, not to mention Little Miss Giggles."
  8. Mind Splatter 8.
    "He had a fair idea what Katie's ultimate defence was, and it left him single, standing humiliated in front of a crowd of onlookers."
  9. Mind Splatter 9.
    "As the door closed the terrible weight lifted off Tayla's chest. She was free."
  10. Mind Splatter 10.
    "Kyle was hardly ever left alone and Tayla sometimes wondered whether he wished for some space."
  11. Mind Splatter 11.
    "Tayla and Kyle didn’t often get physical, and for good reasoning. A house was no good to anyone as rubble."
  12. Mind Splatter 12.
    "Colin’s indifference at the situation quickly turned to dislike, especially when he turned to his partner and found her pointedly looking away from him."
  13. Mind Splatter 13.
    "Without looking at each other, they walked off in opposite directions, pretending, as always, that they did not know each other."
  14. Mind Splatter 14.
    "Tayla often wondered how she had managed to put up with her brother for all these years, then remember it wasn’t by choice and slowly, year after year, she had grown a little more insane."
  15. Mind Splatter 15.
    "She suddenly wondered if this was how Harry Potter felt when his scar ached."