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Told Me You Hated My G n' R Shirt. Shoulda Known Better, This Was Never Gonna Work.

Yes, I consider myself a groupie. But taking that into consideration, it’s probably because my definition of groupie is most likely different than most of yours. Yes, I go to a lot of concerts, and yes, I tend to hang out with band guys and the people around them. But, first and foremost, I am a FAN. I am there for the music first. There are some girls who go to shows with the sole purpose of hooking up with the musicians, I am not them.

So, throw the word around if you would like. But know, if you say it to me I will take it as a compliment, because you will never understand the love and commitment I have to the music that I love.

*I do not own, Hinder or any of the other bands that are portrayed in this story. However they are all amazing and I do not write about any band that I do not personally enjoy. I do own, Shayna, Jackie, Madison, and any other original characters. If you steal them, I will be forced to find you in the middle of the night and stand over you wearing a cowboy hat and a rubber glove. So, consider yourself warned.*