A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [1]

Lesson one

I trudged sadly through the school corridors; I hated this place, my own hell, an all girl's school. It's not like everyone thinks, sneaking out each night to meet the guys, all windows and doors were locked each night. And each girl shared a room with 5 others, so there was nothing going on, oh except one thing about all girls' schools was correct. Lesbians, I don't have anything against them, just the three that are very "fond" of each other that share a room with me. I sighed; this place has literally made me a social retard. I was sent here because my parents thought I was turning into a whore. It's not as if it was my fault they were absolutely right.

"Danni" I sighed as my math teacher's voice rang out; I turned on my ugly heels and walked forward and into his class. He slammed the door behind him "Skipping detention?" He grinned evilly perching himself on the end of my table his legs blatantly open right in my face.

"She was on her way to help me, I hope that's not a problem" I silently thanked my music teacher as my math teacher jumped off the desk, obviously not hearing the door open. He frowned at me and nodded for me to leave, I happily got up.

"Thanks Mr. Baker," I said as I closed the door behind me he nodded, indicating it was no problem.

"He's a pervert, and your skirt is twenty centimetres above your knee and should be fifteen below your knee," He grinned shaking his head at my horrible school uniform. I nodded looking down at my green and white argyle top, blue pleated skirt and blue knee length socks with black dolly shoes, but with a slight heel.

"Not that you'd tell on me bro" I laughed kissing my brother's cheek before proceeding to gym, It was better to spend break changing instead of the time to change so you don't get stared at.

"Mr. Haner wants to see you at lunch," He called after me; I just kind of waved my hand and carried on through the cold corridors. I stopped outside the changing room doors and took in a deep breath as I pushed it open I stopped at the sound of voices.

"Have you seen how hot the new p.e teacher is?" One girl laughed, I recognized the voice as Cara, she's in my drama and art class.

"Yea, but he's no where near as fit as the music teacher, Zacky" The other girl argued, I laughed shaking my head at tiffany, I turned the corner.

"I may just tell my brother that" I grinned at my purple haired friend; she laughed and hugged me as Cara stood awkwardly. "Hey" I grinned at her, she smiled at me her orange and black hair failing into her face, I dropped my bag and quickly changed before pulling my long black wavy hair into a loose ponytail at the back.

"So, the new p.e teacher?" I grinned at them both, Cara nodded wide eyed.

"He's gorgeous, that bitch Laura will be all over him," She huffed slumping back.

"Which means so will Jodi" I sighed resting my back against the wall. I hated them two with a passion, they always took dig's at me because my brother was the incredibly hot music teacher and he wouldn't shag them and neither would his best friend, the other music, Mr Haner and it was all somehow my fault. Everyone in this school lusted after my brother and his other friends in the teaching staff. It was so dam annoying and also meant I had one true friend, Tiffany, she was the only one that talked to me before knowing who my brother was.

"Wait your siblings? As in he's your brother? You're his sister?" Cara started shocked I cut her off by laughing and nodded, she mouthed lucky cow and I just laughed again. I was pretty surprised she didn't know. "Here the rest come" She sighed as girls all bundled in the changing room just as the bell rang. I rolled my eyes as they all stood in the same places as usual talking and laughing amongst themselves. I felt a pair of eyes on me and looked up to see Hana, she was one of the three lesbians who shared my room, she licked her lips and winked at me as she pulled her school skirt off, I pulled a disgusted face and turned away just as one of her girlfriends jumped on her roughly kissing her and dragging her into the showers, not before stating the fact to all the other girls by taking her underwear off and throwing it at Stacey, Lesbian three. Me, Tiff and Cara all stuck our tongues out.

"Why do they feel the need in front of all of us?" Tiff groaned annoyed, Stacey's eyes flicked to her.

"I can fix it if your horny," she grinned, I laughed loudly and jumped on her.

"Leave my bitch alone" I laughed almost unable to hold it in from all the girls staring at us. I shook my head and stood up "as if" I laughed linking there arm's with my own and pulling Cara and Tiff out after me.

"Eurgh, why in front of us? Why the hints! I WANT YOUR BROTHER NOT THEM!" Tiff shouted loudly, I laughed uncontrollably grabbing onto the wall as my brother stood laughing behind her. Her eyes grew wide and her face went red "Shit!" I shook my head and indicated for him to turn round, he did and I pushed past the two girls jumping on his back.

"To the gym!" I ordered, He nodded and walked with me on his back to the gym on the other end of school, stupid? Yeah.

"I should be teaching" He complained as we walked through the English block only half way there.

"Your not very good at it, you have no students" I laughed looking round, he sighed angrily and jumped up, jolting me on his back.

"I'll be your student" Tiff said staring at him, I bit my lip and grinned as Zacky looked at me wide eyed and horrified.

"Oh my god, Zacky give me a piggy back" I turned to glare at Laura who was staring at my brother, 23 other girls behind her. I flipped them off, and jabbed Zackys leg with my foot ordering him forward. "Owww, my ankle, I need help" I heard Laura's high pitched voice.

"Fuck this I'm off" He laughed putting me down gently, hugging me, kissing my cheek and running off his skinny fit jeans slowing him. I shook my head and laughed turning to Laura.

"Get up" I growled in annoyance.

"You think you're pretty smart don't you? Having a hot brother? Well he can't protect you in gym, I will get you bitch!" She growled venomously.

"I can though" I froze and turned slowly at the un familiar voice.