A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [10]

I turned over and woke up almost straight away, checking around the room I noticed Hanna.

"What's the time?" I asked her, her head snapped up and she smiled at me innocently.

"Two in the afternoon" She smiled again, she was so polite, I felt mean for being "harsh" to her and her two "special friends" but oh well.

"WHAT?" I screamed suddenly jolting up in my bed, I look down and saw I was only in a bra and underwear as a cold gust of air hit me. "Why did no-one wake me? Why aren't you in lessons?" I asked, about to jump out of bed

"Stay!" She pointed, glaring at me, I was a little taken back but decided to do as she said "Because it's Wednesday, you've been asleep all day Tuesday and most of today and I was told to miss lessons today to keep an eye on you. Everyone's really worried" She explained, her eyes holding sympathy the whole time. I'd been sleeping for that long? I looked down again and pointed to myself about to ask why "A doctor came and your temperature was really high, so all girls have been moved to another dorm, the windows been open and you had to be stripped down" She explained, I showed her I was clearly disgusted by the last part by quickly grabbing my clothes from the bottom of the bed and tugging them on not caring that my top was on backwards. "Don't worry, they got Mr. Sullivan to do it, being your best friend in all, I'm not sure, sumert Zacky said" She shrugged, I nodded, fair enough. Could of at least been Matt.

"Eurgh shut up!" I shouted at myself, My jaw fell and I quickly looked over to Hanna "My bad, I'm gunna go shower" I said jumping fully off my bed, grabbing a towel, clean clothes and walking into the bathroom slamming the door.

I sat on the edge of the bath; I was fully confused, about everything, my feelings for Matt, why i'd been asleep for so long. Was i dying? I started to panic and jumped off the edge of the bath, I started running my hands through my now dry hair quickly, scuffing it up. I looked in the mirror and pulled my bottom eyelid's down, I don't know what I was looking for, but god didn't I look rough. That thought overtook my previous one and I grabbed my make-up bag applying all make-up.

"Pull yourself together Danni!" I said looking at myself in the mirror, my shaky hands firmly grabbed onto the side of the sink and gripped it until my knuckles turned white.

"Are you okay Danni?" I look over to the rattling door handle as I heard Hanna's voice.

"Yeah I'm fine" I shouted through to her "Or I will be" I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and walked straight out the room, pushing past Hanna, then out the dorm. I ran along the corridors until I got to the p.e office. I lifted a shaky hand and started to knock, I needed to know. The time it took Matt to answer seemed to strectch out every little noise met my ears, every time a light flickered my eyes caught it, every sense in my body was on edge and alert.

"Hello?" I looked up at a confused Matt. I poked my head into the office to check it was empty, when I was satisfied I pulled back and pushed my hand flat against his chest pushing him in.

"I need to know" I said turning and locking the door, he looked at me confused again; I sighed and put my head in my hands.

"Know what?" He asked unsure, I think he knew at least thought he knew but wanted to be sure as to not make a fool of himself. I couldn't say it, I couldn't come out and say it, ask if he had feelings for me. Not when I wasn't sure myself. God all along I'd hated the girls in this school who lusted after my brother, best friend and mates, but now I was one of them, lusting after Matt, I couldn't have feelings for him he's my teacher. But if one thing being a slut taught me there's one way to see if you have feelings and the other person. I slowly got up from where I'd been sat while thinking and looked over at him sat down looking up at me nervously, I grinned at him and walked over kneeling in front of him. He smirked at me as I leaned in a pressed my lips to his, he didn't even take a second to react and instantly he was kissing back and pulling me onto his lap as he deepened the kiss. All the guys I've been with, and thats a lot, even the one's I thought I loved, no kisses compared, not even are drunken ones.

"Shit" I cursed at myself as I pulled back.

"I guess that answers the question thats been on both are minds" He said knowingly, I nodded even though I was a little shocked the same thing had been bugging him "I was really worried about you when you didn't wake up" He said sadly leaving little butterfly kisses on my neck.

"I'm here now though!" I sighed, hating where I was, I couldn't do this it was so wrong. Actually I'm seventeen, two months off eighteen, if he wasn't a teacher me dating him at twenty two wouldn't be that frowned upon. He's still a teacher though, My teacher!

"When you going again though?" He asked, I turned making him stop the assault on my neck.

"You want me too?" I asked, he shook his head quickly

"No it's just Sunday morning, you rushed off and you know what I don't know!" He sighed; I grinned at him but looked down "What's up babe?" He asked, I laughed at if he'd just changed the last letter of the last word; it would really make this situation worse.

"We can't do this, it's so wrong" I said, my voice was quivering, I'd never felt this way before and I'd known the cocky ass motherfucker only a week and I already regretted it at the same time as loving it.

"Since when were there any rules in love?" He asked, I looked at him and shook my head indicating I didn't know.