A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [11]

Lesson three

There was a sharp knock at the door and I quickly jumped off Matt's lap, I turned and faced him a frantic look on my face. How could we be caught on the first day of admitting out feelings? How was this fair? Matt gave me a look and then the cupboard next to the door. I shook my head as the door handle shook, I wasn't going in a cupboard. He leaned forward pressing his lips to mine, I was too distracted to realize that it was a carefully thought out plan to get me into the cupboard, I didn't realize until he pulled back and shut the door in my face. I grunted annoyed and a bang rattled through the cupboard indicating for me to shut up. i sighed and crossed my arms leaning against the back of the cupboard.

"Oh hey Zacky" I heard Matts voice, he sounded beyond relieved, with it being m brother I decided I might as well come out the cupboard. The light filtering in topped apart from a little bit at the top, making it almost impossible to see.

"Hey Matt, you seen Danni? Hanna said she woke up this morning but ran out the room after getting ready. None of us can find her" My brother sounded really worried and I started to push the door, it wouldn't budge and to start with I thought Matt had locked it until i realized that from the lack of light and the fact it wouldn't budge, Matt had leaned his muscular frame against it.

"No sorry man, I haven't seen her all morning" He sighed, I felt bad for him having to lie to protect us both, but I was also angry at him when my brother was upset all he could do was save his own back.

"Im just so worried, she's my sister, I love her so much. What if she's done something stupid? Its driving me crazy wandering if she's okay or not" the light flicked back into the cupboard, I looked through the crack to see Matt walk over to Zacky and give him a manly hug.

"Just go back to your class, I'll go look for her and if I find her, i'll send her too you", Zacky looked at him, his eyes sad and almost life less, He slowly nodded ad left the room with his head down. The door was quickly pulled open and I fell into Matt's arms.

"Come on, we'll go to his room in about five minutes" Matt said pulling me onto his lap as he sat down, I nodded and leaned my head into him.

"So where did you find me?" I asked, making sure if Zacky asked we both said the same thing

"My bed" Matt said nodding his head as if he'd already decided, I slapped his chest and frowned.

"The field" I told him, he frowned at me and poked his tongue out, but he still nodded.

"Come on then" He said jumping up holding me bridal style, he walked towards the door then looked at me "Babe the door handle" He said gesturing with his head to it, I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Babe, put me down, what would people think if they saw you carrying me like this?" I asked

"You hurt your ankle" He grinned, I shook my head stubbornly making him put me down, I grinned and kissed him quickly stealing our last kiss for a while, I opened the door and walked out with Matt.

"SLUT!" I turned quickly only to be faced with Jimmy, I tossed my middle finger up to him; he gave me a cheesy grin. "So where did we find you?" he asked already knowing the situation, he could read me like a book. And scarily we were too similar because in these situations we both always ask the same question, where was I found. Yeah I sneaked off from school a lot.

Matt gave his answer as I said field, Jimmy smirked and nodded and I shook my head at them both, wandering and worrying if they would actually give Matt's answer.

We all slowly walked to Zacky's class and knocked, he turned and looked out the window on the door, a smile spread across his face and he ran out the class without even excusing himself. He hugged me and started spinning me round.

"Okay Zacky" I laughed, he put me down and kissed my forehead.

"You scare the shit out of me sometimes!" I laughed and shook my head "Where was she?" He asked looking happily at the guys. I cringed as they both gave Matt's answer, his bed. Zacky's face dropped "No time for stupid jokes guys" He said

"Who's joking?" Matt asked, I turned and gave him a what the fuck face "I got up to my room and there she was, naked on my bed" Matt smirked, I shook my head at my brother and he grinned.

"Who was naked on whose bed? Because if your talking about me, Bri weren't supposed to say anything" I turned and laughed at Meredith who was walking up the corridor with Brian, I silently thanked her for breaking the awkward moment, Alex was trailing behind them both looking at the walls.

"Come on Jimmy, you text saying you had the rest of the day off" She said once she finally reached us, he nodded kissing her nose and started walking down the corridor she'd just come from, she turned to us smirked and ran off after him jumping on his back.

"So, who naked on who's bed?" Brian asked, the guys laughed and I groaned, overly annoyed. Guys.