A Lesson In Love

A Lesson in Love [12]

I giggled as Matt pushed me into the P.E store cupboard and closed the door; luckily there were no horrible smelling kits or old trainers in here.

"Your amazing" Matt smiled down at me, I blushed and bit my lip looking down, he laughed and put his thumb under my chin making me look up at him, he grinned and pressed his lips to mine. He'd never acted like this before, It was always so rushed and lust filled and after four months of this I didn't expect anything to change, but it had. "I'm quitting" I looked wide eyed at him

"You can't" I protested, what would I do round school and in P.E without him. He'd become part of my everyday ritual, wake up early sneak into his room, work out every lunch and break to be around him, spend my weekends with him. Shout at him every P.E lesson so he keeps me behind, much like what led us here today into the store Cupboard.

"I have too, I can't go sneaking around anymore, and I want to be with you. Properly" He smiled, I looked at him, and he'd never been this serious before.

"You said though, sneaking a round's half the fun" I said looking at him, I didn't want him to leave, and if he did we still wouldn't be able to be together until I left school because they'd know about the student teacher relation.

"Not when you fall in love" I looked up from the concrete floor, and stared into his eyes, he what? He what the fuck did the twat just try tell me?

"You fucking what?" I asked, I couldn't help it, when im confused im angry, when im angry im confused, I just didn't know what else to say.

"I'm in love with you; I want to be with you. Marry me?" That's the one sentence that stopped everything, my breathing, my thoughts, my heart and the world around me. How could he ask this? How did this overly macho P.E teacher fall for me? And did he really want to marry me or was it spur of the moment. But the one thing that got me the most was the fact I was now jumping on him screaming yes and kissing him, and I couldn't do anything to stop it, I was powerless to my own feelings.

Lesson four

I walked through the corridors staring at the ring on my finger, Me and Matt had decided who to say had proposed if anyone asked, my ex that completely and utterly broke my heart and turned me into a slut, yeah great choice Matt. He'd pulled out a ring seconds after I said yes, it was gorgeous and the exact ring i'd always wanted, silver, with a huge diamond and a black gemstones either side. I grinned at it, the fact it fitted my finger perfectly as well. Everything about the ring and the situation was perfect. Well almost.

I looked up when I saw laughing, my eyes landed on Tiff and Cara and I looked down, I hated this, my two closest friends in the school and we never talked anymore, they hated me. Tiff gave me a weak smile and Cara looked down and at Tiff sadly, they started walking over to me, Fuck!

"I don't want any trouble" I sighed, looking at the two as they stopped in front of me, there faces not giving anything away, stone cold. They both suddenly started crying and threw there arm's round me.

"We're really sorry; we miss you, me more than Cara. Cause we've been friends longer than you and Cara" Tiff rambled on; I laughed and shut her up.

"Its okay" I sighed looking at them, we all knew it wasn't but I wanted someone to tell my big news to and the fact Tiff wanted my brother and Cara Matt, they'd understand how i'd managed to fall for a teacher. "I understand" and yet again we all knew this wasn't true, but it's what you always say in moments of weakness, in these situations. I looked them both over and decided i'd tell them after, there's one more person who needed telling first. I walked quickly through the school corridors and knocked on the wooden door. I waited patiently as he took his time getting to the door.

"What's up babe?" Jimmy asked me, I looked up at him and lifted my hand, his happy eyes showed shock. "Matt?" He mouthed, I nodded and his jaw dropped as he picked me up and span me round happily. "The bitch may be bigger than me" I looked up way above his head and laughed "Muscle wise not height wise, but I'll kill him if he hurts you" He grinned kissing my head and setting me down.

"How many girls would be jealous of me" I laughed, Jimmy looked at me confused and I decided to explain instead of just walk away "I have the greatest guys in the world, My brother, My best friend, My fiance, weird as fuck to say, and two other amazing guys. All of which are hot" I grinned, I giggled at the smug look on his face and turned to walk away getting back indoors, because of his classroom door being outside, I was very cold.