A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [2]

I looked up at a very well built guy in shorts and a sleeveless shirt; my eyes grew wide at how hot he was. I looked at Cara and she nodded and mouthed hot isn't he. So this is the p.e teacher?

"I'm your new p.e teacher. I don't tolerate threats, so I don't like you already, go to the field and do ten laps, we'll watch" He smiled wickedly. I laughed a little as Laura groaned annoyed and walked ahead of us. All other girls following her. "Mr Sanders, but as the other girls will learn you can call me Matt. You okay?" He asked peering at me; I nodded dumb struck but realized how stupid I looked.

"Yeah she dont scare me, She just has a thing for the music teacher and hates me for it" I frowned, he nodded a little confused. "My brother" I grinned proud that he was, a little realization washed over his face.

"Well Danni, I've heard a lot about you off Zacky" He said as we all started walking, I looked down and blushed, I didn't know my brother ever mentioned me "He really adores you" He laughed a little, I shrugged.

"Yeah he should, he made me the way I am, he means the world to me, except when girls start on me for it" I sighed "Can you really make her do ten laps, our fields pretty big?" I asked, He nodded and frowned.

"Yeah of course I can. Oh dear god, your last p.e teacher, the old bloke, he was easy on you wasn't he?" I nodded as he looked horror stricken, before smirking "Thats about to change" He pulled his whistle to his lips and blew it emitting a loud noise making me instantly cover my ears and move away, he looked down at me and chuckled, Making me notice he had cute dimples and hazel brown eyes. "HURRY UP GIRLS, AFTER" He looked to me for a name, I mouthed Laura "LAURA'S DONE HER TEN LAPS YOUR JOINING HER IN ANOTHER FIVE" Some of the girls let out a scared shriek and all started running through the halls quickly.

"What's the reason for the noise?" the perverted math teacher poked his head out the door, Matt shrugged.

"Putting a little fear into the hearts of the students" He grinned, the math teacher, Mr Barnet, shook his head disapprovingly. Matt stopped and looked at him, instantly making him retreat back to his class.

"I think it's a brilliant idea" Miss. Slink said her body leaning against the frame or her classroom door, a year seven class sat scared behind her. "I know a few people who need abit of fear put into them" She said in a hushed voice winking at him, He looked at us three and rolled his eyes, Tiff turned to me hiding her laugh.

"Well you know were my office is" He said walking away, she nodded at him and winked again before walking into her class "Youve been there eight times before" He mumbled.

"She's a slut, I hate her" Cara mumbled, I laughed and nodded.

"I've noticed, now girls hurry up you've got five laps to do" He said not looking at us, we all looked at each other in disbelief. "After that we'll be doing basketball" He said walking ahead to join the girls watching.

"What happened to the nice friendly p.e teacher who was willing to talk and joke with us?" Tiff asked shocked, I shrugged I had to admit I was disappointed.

"Maybe he doesn't want anyone to think he's got favourites" Cara shrugged, I nodded.

"Yeah you're probably right, at least we know who his least favourite is anyway" I smiled looking at Laura struggling on her second lap, we all giggled and ran to join the group.

"Your late to my lesson girls, detention after class" He growled at us, we looked at each other jaws almost making friends with the ground.

"I've got a detention with Mr. Haner" I said, well at least I think I do. He looked at me and shrugged.

"I'm sure your brother can sort something for you, detention with me, lunch" He said venomously, almost as if he thought I used my brother as a way out of trouble. He turned round.

"I've got a detention with Mr. Haner" I argued, I wasn't giving in not after he spoke to me like that.

"I don't care who you think you've got a detention with. You three can join Laura" He said pointing to Laura, the other two stared dumbstruck as I growled at him before running off towards Laura.

I heard a whistle blow behind me as I was on my fifth lap "HURRY UP" Matt shouted at me, I turned round and frowned at him.

"No!" I shouted at him and stormed off the field, Cara and Tiff staring at me grinning.

"COME BACK HERE!" I heard him shout, I shook my head and stuck my finger up before turning back round and carried on through the double doors and up the corridor to were my brother would be teaching. Okay maybe I did use my brother to get me out of situations but I was screwed, I now knew why every girl who liked my brother felt.