A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [3]

I knocked on the door timidly and watched through the glass circle as my brother turned and apologized to his class before walking to the door.

"What's wrong Danni? I'm teaching" He sighed, I could tell he was annoyed, but I didn't care I was upset, beyond upset.

"He's horrible Zacky. He's a fucking bully" I cried holding onto my brother, He nodded and pried me off him before turning back to his class and shutting the door, I let my mouth drop and stormed off turning round. I ran down the corridor as I heard my brother shout me. I shook my head and ran to the D.T block. I ran straight into the class and fell into my best friends arms.

"Zacky?" He asked, I nodded "Don't like Matt?" He asked and again I nodded. I looked up at Jimmy, the D.T teacher. One good thing about this school, my brother and best friend were teacher's here as well as there friends, and the friend I'd heard about but never met until today. Great thing is I couldn't get in trouble for being close to Jimmy because the head of student teacher relations co-ordinator is Johnny Steward. Basically, he's the one who looks into it if anyone suspects unfair treatment of a certain pupil by one teacher, or if anyone suspects students and teachers being too "close"

"There horrible Jimmy, I hate this school I give up!" I sighed dramatically flopping forward out of his arms and onto his desk.

"One bad lesson and you're giving up?" He asked, I nodded and mumbled a yes into the desk completely ignoring him as he sighed, who was he to judge me? "There's one way to get to Matt, beat him, play a better game than him, be early to his lessons, and run his laps faster than him. Its gunna take work hun, but I know you can do it" I looked at him and smiled.

"But Zacky" I started to whine but he cut me off

"Let me guess you went crying to Zacky and he went back into his class?" I nodded looking down. "But he also called you back when you walked away?" I nodded again not getting what he was getting at. "Ever thought he sent his class to Brian so they still got taught but you also got the attention he knows you need?" I looked at him shocked, he knows way to much.

"Fuck!" I groaned, I'd probably upset and pissed off Zack now.

"Now, fuck off so I can mark this work why I don't have a class and you can go prove Matt wrong. Go do the laps you dickhead" I frowned at him and shook my head. He huffed and pulled his fine, you asked for it face, before picking me up and carrying me out of his classroom door opposite the one I came in through that faced the field he dropped me and turned back into his class. I turned and frowned at him and he turned and nodded at Matt who was watching me intently. I grinned evilly and set off running, I got to the edge of the field and started round the perimeter carrying on past him. I kept going until I'd completed fifteen laps while the other girls were on there fourteenth, losers.

"Detention at break then, sir?" I asked politely, He narrowed his eyes and nodded. I carried on the lesson, out shooting him basketball, and staying as everyone walked off at the end. Tiff and Cara stood next to me panting for breath.

"I hate you" Tiff said playfully collapsing next to me. Matt approached us and she quickly jumped up.

"Ten laps go" He said directing us out the gym and to the field; we all sighed and started on them.

"You two okay? You don't look so good" I pointed out turning to my friend and possible friend.

"I can't take this, no p.e for like three years and all of a sudden we've got to work coz some muscled freak says so" Cara huffed angrily, I stopped quickly to hug her, before we both started running again.

"You can do it" Tiff shook her head and took deep breaths "Come on guys"

"Easy for you to say Zack always has you exercising with him" Tiff complained, I felt sympathetic for them both until I heard a voice shouting at Matt.

"Guys, Mr Haner" I grinned turning round and running back.

"You were telling the truth?" Tiff asked confused, I nodded not completely sure, he only wanted to see me I'm not sure if it was a detention, but it probably was because I was late on my music GCSE piece.

"Danni, you can go" Matt huffed annoyed, He looked at Tiff and Cara "And you two, two laps was enough" He sighed picking up all his equipment; it was easy to see he was struggling, and the bad thing about it? The p.e store room was next to the changing rooms, and I felt bad. I grabbed the basketball bag off him and flung it over my shoulder, he looked up at me just as I smiled at him, he nodded and smiled at me too walking ahead with the rest of the equipment.

"Go shower, thats gross Danni. Then to my room" Brian said looking at the sweat on my face. I shook my head at him and caught up with Tiff and Cara, they smiled at me and we all talked about various things as we got pushed and shoved in the corridor by hungry girls on there way to lunch. We arrived at the changing rooms and I threw the bag of balls at Matt and walked into the changing room.

"Have fun with Stacey, Hanna and Lucy" The two grinned evilly at me as I picked up my stuff heading for my dorm. I flipped them off, just to have them stick out there tongues. I walked out the changing rooms the other two close behind.

"You can shower in my room" Zacky said in front of me throwing me the key to his room. I looked at him confused "You've got music coursework to do, and the five girls who share your dorm had p.e as well just, so shower in my room and you'll be to music in time" he said, I nodded and walked past him with Tiff and Cara. Not before turning round and smiling thankfully at him, he gave me a goofy grin back.

"You lucky bitch, you get to go in Mr. Baker's room" Tiff squealed happily.

"Ew brother" I laughed reminding her, she shrugged and walked off. I couldn't wait for today to end.