A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [4]

I grinned happily as I finally woke up, after two hours of just switching my alarm off. The weekend was here, and compared to Wednesday my week had been amazing, because I didn't have p.e! I climbed out of bed and looked round the empty room. Grinning to myself that the other girls were out I grabbed my skinny jeans, Misfits tight fitted top, adiddas along with the other stuff I'd need and walked into the bathroom to shower and change. After I was showered and changed I walked in front of the mirror picking up my make-up bag. Because I already had a "flawless" complexion I just added some black gel eyeliner to my top lid, a little pencil to my bottom and a light pink lipstick. I grinned and quickly left the bathroom; I scanned the room picking up my keys and phone and ran out the door and down the stairs to the main school.

"Hey gorgeous" I turned and smiled hugging Jimmy, this is why I love the weekend, I get to be with my brother and best friend without getting weird looks.

"Where's Zacky?" I asked resting my head on his shoulder; I was still half asleep and to tired to move away from the hug.

"He can't come, he met some girl last night" I sighed angrily, fine! "Don't be selfish, he see's you everyday of the week and he promised to spend time with you tomorrow, so let him have today" I pulled back and nodded solemnly "Bri and Johnny are waiting in the car park, we knew you'd be upset and decided to cheer you up" I nodded happily and hugged him again just for being him. I pulled away and started down the corridor linking my arm with his.

"Hang on" I said as we got to the end of the corridor I turned and ran in the direction of dorm F. I ran up the stairs pausing at the top to catch my breath before knocking.

"Hey babe" I grinned at Tiff who was fully dressed, Cara lying fully dressed on the bed behind her.

"Ready to go?" I asked, they both looked at me confused and I nodded satisfied "Come on then" I laughed grabbing Tiff pulling her out, Cara quickly following.

"Were we going? We had plans" Cara huffed annoyed. I stopped halfway down the stairs and shrugged.

"Fine go back to your plans of sitting round all day, while I go out" I sighed walking away from them. I mentally counted down from five in my head, just as I finished my countdown

"Wait! We're coming, no need to be a bitch about it" Tiff half laughed, half moaned angrily.

"Yay" I laughed fakly and started running out the school wanting to get away from the place now it was the weekend, the only time we're allowed out of school grounds.

"Oh my god, we're spending the day with them?" I heard Cara squeal happily as I snuck up on Jimmy before jumping on his back. I pushed his shoulder making him turn; biting my lip I nodded and grinned stupidly at them.

"Not your brother?" Tiff asked peering at all the faces.

"No because we're not here to try shag them, because we'd fail anyway. Oh and Zacky's with some girl" I winked at Tiff who pulled a sulky face, I grinned before my smile slipped as Matt walked out the front of the school twirling car keys round his finger.

"We ready?" He asked, I looked at Jimmy beyond pissed off, he shrugged and gave me an innocent look.

"I've had a very long week. I need to get away, but after today and this" I growled pointing at Matt "I'm never speaking to you again" I said tapping his cheek, I stormed past them all and got into the passenger seat of Bri's car as Johnny opened the door for himself.

"Your highness" He grinned bowing, I laughed and shook my head pointing to the back, He nodded and climbed in. Tiff got in as well as Jimmy, Cara and Matt got into what I guess was matt's car.

"Where we off?" I asked Bri, flicking through his CD's.

"Cinema I think" He shrugged, he was genuinely clueless. I nodded not looking at him and just continued searching for a decent CD as he pulled out the school car park.

"YOUR CD'S FUCKING SUCK" I shouted finally giving up. He looked at me and laughed.

"Your brother's CD is in the player" I nodded knowing it would be the misfits.

"My brothers? Jimmy's like the only other one you let mess with you cd player" I said glancing at him, he nodded

"Jimmy put it in for Zacky" He laughed, I made a slight o shape with my mouth and nodded playing the CD and singing along to the songs as they blasted out.

"Why? Why does matt have to come?" I asked annoyed breaking the silence that had settled.

"Because he's our best friend, and yes you don't like him, but hey youre his best friends little sister he doesn't want to be as easy on you as the rest of us" Brian explained, I tilted my head and pulled a what the fuck face "Favouritism" Brian explained, I shook my head and huffed angrily putting my feet up on the dashboard tapping them along to the beat of monster mash. He's still an ass, I thought to myself, and incredibly hot ass. I bit my lip and shook my head laughing to myself earning odd looks off the others.

"Oh yea cause everyone's perfect" I said rolling my eyes and looking out the window at the scenery flickering past.