A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [6]

I hated going to watch movies, I always got bored and fidgety, and I was always the one that needed to get up to go for a pee, and if I didn't I rushed out at the end full speed towards them. Much like I was doing now. I could hear the guys laughing behind me, I didn't care, I really needed to go.

"That was shit" I said walking out of the cinema toilets, the guys nodded there heads in random agreements.

"I kind of liked it, wasn't the worst thing I've ever watched" Tiff shrugged and of course Cara nodded in agreement, I mean they were like my only friends in the school, but they always agree and do everything. Okay there best friends but so are me and Jimmy, but you don't see me clinging onto him, mostly because he's clinging onto Alex.

"That just proves you have, bad taste" Alex said laughing, I turned and looked at Tiff's pissed off face.

"Whatever" She mumbled, I felt kinda bad for her, everyone had obviously already taken a shine to Alex seeing as only Zacky and Jimmy knew her before today, but no-one seemed to be warming up to Cara and Tiff.

"Guys, four o clock we gotta be back on school grounds" I said turning to the guys motioning to me Tiff and Cara just trying to break the awkward silence.

"Zacky phoned and gave you family time" Johnny said, I grinned at the little shrimp then my brother who nodded. Ah family time, once every four months one member of your family can get you out of school grounds for the weekend for "family time" The only time you're allowed away from the shit hole before 8 and after 4 except Christmas and the two weeks for summer. Yea only two weeks!

"We'll can you give them a lift back bri?" I asked sweetly, Not wanting to leave them stranded. He shook his head "Jack ass!" I laughed, he shrugged

"We're going to her place" He motioned with his thumb and head to Alex "Get Matt to take them back, he's getting booze anyway so he'll be going in that direction"

"Fine" I groaned, then smirked at them "You five have fun crowding in his car" I said before grabbing Matt's wrist and dragging him to his car Tiff and Cara close behind. The car journey was filled with really pointless conversations between me and Matt, We talked about alcohol, the guys, the school, music, alcohol again, Movies, Aviators, even Dogs for god's sake. Most the conversations were started by me trailing off from one conversation like the one about dogs.

' "Imagine a dog wearing aviators" I laughed looking at him, He laughed loudly and shook his head of the thought.

"That would look pretty funny" He nodded

"Like and English bull dog or sumert" I laughed again imagining there squashed faces with sunglasses on. '

That led to a conversation about dogs, before I knew it we were in the school parking lot and Tiff and Cara were jumping out quickly and slamming the doors, I rolled my eyes and looked at Matt confused.

"They mumbled something like thanks for ditching us and ignoring us" He shrugged, I shook my head and sighed, I didn't mean to just me and Matt were talking, they could of joined in. He tore out of the parking lot and away from the school. "Now go get booze" He said pulling up outside an off-licence. He quickly jumped out chucking me his keys on the way and telling me to lock the door after him; I nodded and did as he said after the door was shut.

I'm completely screwed; I have a school girls crush on my teacher. Not just any teacher one that I'll probably be spending a lot of time with because he's best friends with my brother and his best friend and my best friend and his best friend, well I think you get it. I sighed angrily, how could I develop a crush on someone I can't have? I always get what I want, always. Then again after ive got it I never want it. I quickly jolted my head towards the window to see Matt knocking on it, I bit my lip and laughed, my bad. Unlocking the door he jumped in and pressed the button for the boot and climbed out the car again, Frowning I turned in my seat and watched as he lifted multiple crates into the boot, closed it ever so slightly and went back into the shop again and again with at least five more crates, fifteen crates and a few bags? What the hell.

"Here you go" He smiled at me, I looked down at his hands and lightly took hold of the blue bag as he let go, I pulled it to me cautiously him giving me a light chuckle. I opened it and grinned, quickly hugging him before he started to drive. Two bottles of Bacardi breezer, One bottle of JD, a bottle of vodka with a bottle of oasis to mix it and a few wkd red's. I turned and gave him a sly grin.

"You actually paid attention to our conversation?" I asked, remembering are earlier conversations coming back from the cinema.

"Well" He paused going very slightly red "yeah" He sighed laughing, I grinned at him again refraining from giving him another hug.

"Thanks Matt" I smiled at him, he nodded back then put all his concentration on the road, or whatever was going on in his head. Yeah thanks' Matt, listen to what I have to say, buy me my favourite alcohol, be incredibly nice, thanks for helping me not like you, hint the sarcasm.

"I'm pretty sure were here" He said looking oddly at the big house in front of us, Bri's car parked out front.

"Why the confused look?" I asked peering at him then the house

"How the hell, do three sisters who don't work afford a eight bedroom house?" He mumbled, I looked up again, three sisters?

"I thought it was Alex's?" I asked again, and to my surprise he wasn't getting annoyed by my questions.

"Yea but she also has one older sister Amanda and a younger sister Meredith. Meredith's the louder more involved one, not very good in schools though, Amanda's to busy with other stuff and Alex is well I think she works part time. Which would explain my shock that they live in a house this big and there always partying mostly" He laughed; I nodded and looked back over to the house after I was finished with staring at his gorgeous face. "Anyway" He said loudly before three loud beeps from the car horn filled the neighbourhood, within seconds the front door flew open and Zacky, Bri, Johnny, Jimmy and two girls I didn't recognize ran out and to the boot. They all carried the contents in slowly as Alex finally came out and grabbed a crate.

"LET THE FUCKING FUN BEGIN" Bri shouted as we got in the house the boot now fully empty and my own personal bag close by my side.