A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [7]

"What you doing out here?" I heard Matt's voice cut through my thoughts, I looked down, I didn't know. I was so dam confused, I managed one WKD before getting fed up and coming outside were I sat at the bottom of the garden under a tree for at least an hour before I was finally discovered.

"How did you know I was out here?" I asked looking at him as he slowly sat down next to me.

"I've known since you came out, I saw you leave and I've been sat in there for an hour going out my mind being worried, which would explain why I'm not drunk, because I couldn't drink.."

"So why are you rambling about nonsense, if you haven't been drinking?" I cut in laughing; He laughed and shook his head looking up at the sky.

"Want the company or not?" He asked laughing, I nodded quickly and looked forward at the house, all lights were on and music was pumping from the inside. I looked over at Matt with my eyes and saw him looking at the house; he wanted to be in there.

"You can go back in" I said smiling at him, he gave me a grateful smile but shook his head.

"I can do one better" He grinned getting up and running to the house, he stopped and ran back kneeling in front of me "Unless you want peace and quite?" He asked looking me straight in the eyes, do I be honest? Or do I let him think I'm someone else someone he may be attracted to, and with him looking me in the eyes I gave him the girl he might like.

"Bring on the chaos and noise" I laughed unsure of what he was going to do, he nodded and grinned again, he really quickly leaned in and pecked me lips, I wasn't sure if he had until he spoke.

"Good answer" and with one evil chuckle he stood up and ran even faster into the house. I sat watching it for what seemed like forever waiting the anticipation building inside me wandering what he was going to do. I sat waiting for at least ten minutes until the music stopped and one by one all the lights in the house went off and the people inside came spilling out, the guys carrying crates, the girls blankets and booze, and Matt a CD player, Two blankets and my bag of booze, I laughed and shook my head as slowly they all drunkenly slipped and sat next to me forming a circle.

"Ooooh cool place to party" Jimmy grinned goofily looking round; I laughed and hugged him loving him so much for just being him.

"You sounded sooo Gay" Laughed Alex, all the girls started giggling, and Zacky.

"Hey" I turned at an unfamiliar voice that sounded similar to Alex's. I smiled at the girl next to me.

"Hi" I said politely.

"I'm Meredith" She said, I was about to speak but she cut me off "Danni, I know" She smiled and I nodded sending Zacky a glance "Bri" She corrected me, I raised my eyebrows at her and she just nodded and laughed smiling happily.

"Not bad" I mused looking at the drunken state, I raised an eyebrow "Normally" I laughed, she gave him an adoring look "Anything else happen in the last hour?" I asked intrigued. She answer with just pointing her finger at her sister who i'd spoke to earlier, Amanda and Zacky, I tilted my head to the side watching my brother look completely and happily at peace with everything, because he'd found someone he truly liked. I then turned to my best friend the same smile and look in his eyes.

"You haven't lost them" I heard a whisper in my ear and as shivers shot down my spine and nodded at Matt turning in his hands that were placed on my hips.

"Yes I have" I said my head dropped, he wiped my tear away

"Hey even if it does last, you ask them on there wedding day and they'll tell you they have two main girls, not just one" I looked at him, my eyes asking him if he was telling the truth, he nodded before smirking "Now drink" He said nuzzling into my neck and leaving a few light butterfly kisses before getting up and walking away, fuck it. I pulled the JD bottle to my lips and started taking long gulps.

"Hell yes, welcome to the party" I heard a laugh next to me, I turned to face Meredith, who stood up pulling me with her in one swift movement, I smiled at her as I felt a hand in my other and turned to face Alex who was holding hands with Amanda. "Dance then idiot" I heard them all laugh, I frowned but started to dance anyway with the three girls.

"LET THE FUCKING FUN BEGIN" Bri shouted a second time; I laughed and shook my head looking at Matt. Yes let the fun begin.