A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [8]

We all fell about laughing as Matt and Bri cringed before leaning in to kiss. I bit my lip and tried to hide my laughter my cheeks puffing out, just making the others laugh more. I looked back up and watched the two guys lock lips and share a kiss, all four of us girls giggling insanely because to say the least, two very muscled men kissing was amusing, but incredibly fit.

"There enjoying it" Johnny laughed pointing at them both, who in actual fact with there eyes closed look very happy. We all laughed again as they pulled apart coughed and picked up there beer quickly chugging it. All faces turned to me, I sighed and leaned in and span the bottle in front of me, my hand slipping resulting in me falling. It landed on Bri and I quickly shook my head.

"No way he's my teacher" I pointed, they all nodded in agreement.

"Spin again!" Amanda giggled holding onto Zacky.

"Eww he's my teacher too!" I pointed at Jimmy as it landed on him. Of course by this time we'd all drank too much not to realize that i'd say this with every guy it landed on, the thought didn't even pass my mind.

"Again" Amanda grinned laughing harder at who it landed on next.

"That's worse. NOT MY BROTHER!" I shook my head furiously and looked at Zacky. Meredith laughed, making me turn to her.

"If by the third turn you don't kiss that person, you kiss everyone" She said to me laughing "And I don't want to kiss you" She laughed again, I looked over at Zacky and pulled a disgusted face.

"But my brother!" I pointed again everyone shrugged and I squeezed my eyes shut as Zacky did leaning in and pressing my lips to his, I kissed him for the twenty seconds and quickly pulled away falling back into whoever's lap.

"Hey gorgeous, me next?" I heard Matt's cocky voice as his arm's went round my waist, I laughed and tried standing up but falling straight back down not only thanks to his arms but my shaky legs from standing up for the first time after dancing and drinking.

"More booze" Meredith says standing up and stumbling into the house.

"I'll help she'll never carry it out on her own" Brian said quickly jumping up.

"I think I'm gunna go for a walk!" I said sticking my hand into the air. "Join me?" I asked Matt, he nodded and stood up making me drop to the floor, but pulling me up quickly. "Be back in a bizzle" I said grinning at them all sat round, bottles everywhere and the music still coming loudly out the CD player.

"Not too late, this place isn't safe this time of night. Morning" Alex smiled at us, I nodded and took a deep breath, I could feel my head swimming, and my lips and tongue felt numb, but I ignored it and walked forward with Matt.

"What time is it?" I asked turning, losing my footing, Matt grabbed me and picked me up in his arms. The Darkness and stars had already come and almost gone, it was still dark but I could tell within the next hour or two it would be light and everyone would be waking up.

"Four" Alex said looking at the CD player's clock, I nodded satisfied. Matt walked forward and threw the house, ignoring the obvious noise upstairs. He let me down outside and put his arm round my waist for support as we walked down the streets.

"Its cold" I laughed, I hadn't noticed in the garden but now I was up and walking, I was noticing the smell that come's with the morning, the chill in the air and quiet sounds that the late nights and early mornings actually bring with them. "Can I have a piggy back?" I asked a bit down the road, Matt nodded and bent down, I jumped on his back making him sway to the side slightly.

"You heavy shit" he breathed, I hit his shoulder and he gave one of those I was joking laughs.

"Says you, how much do you and your muscles actually weigh?" I asked squeezing his heavily muscled and tattooed arms.

"Enough, better than being a feather" He said jumping me up on his back, I jolted and frowned annoyed.

"To much like Zacky, He did that to me in school" I said, Matt laughed and I remembered back to that day "just before I first met you" I laughed resting my head on his shoulder "You were such a jack ass" I pointed out, I felt him sigh heavily he nodded and mumbled a sorry.

"But hey, who's the fittest teacher you've ever had?" He laughed trying to made the conversation easier on us both

"Who's the fittest pupil you've ever had?" I asked smirking against his shoulder, I heard him let out a chuckle.

"Well..." I grinned expecting my name to be said "Laura isn't to bad" He grinned slyly, I could just about see it, I frowned

"And to think I was gunna say you" I huffed; He serious thought Laura was fit?

"Good, cause I secretly meant you" I nodded satisfied, none of this conversation mattered, by the time we woke up tomorrow it would be Monday morning, i'd have p.e and this conversation saying each other was fit would never of happened.

"Stop pulling faces against my shoulder" He said getting irritated, I giggled slightly as a plan came into my head, I moved so my face was buried in his neck and started smiling, and pulling various other faces against his neck. I heard him groan in annoyance and felt his arms loosen beneath me legs. I quickly starting kissing his pulse, making his arms go tighter again. I carried on forgetting my original aim of just not getting him to drop me. I moved further up along his jaw bone, before I felt my lips kiss just under his, my top lip slight kissing his lip ring, in one swift movement he had me down on a grassy bank next to us and was lying on top of me, I didn't even have time to register or react to his lips pressed forcefully against mine.

"Yeah now you stop" He huffed rolling off me, I grinned lightly, rolling onto him straddling him, I smirked down at him, before pressing my lips to his, running my tongue along his bottom lip, he quickly reacted and pulled me down squeezing his hands on my ass. He quickly over took me in dominance. I pulled away quickly.

"Eurgh I may be drunk, but I'm so sorry" I said closing my eyes and shaking my head.

"Why?" I knew he was confused and angry at himself, but I still couldn't look at him.

"Because you're my teacher, if anyone see's us..." I was cut off by his lips; he pulled away and smirked at me "Clichd motherfucker!" I laughed prodding his dimples.

"No-one will see us, and that'd be half the fun!" He grinned running his hand across my stomach and left it on my waste.

"Sorry" I said getting up and shaking my head. I knew i'dprobably regret that. But I couldn't ruin his life I wasn't worth that.