A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [9]

Monday morning and I'd managed to get through three lessons so far, Biology, Math and History, and would you believe I hadn't even gone through my worst lesson yet. P.e! I was dreading it, I was dawdling there, stalling getting changed until all the girls were out the room and even then I took my sweet as time changing. I flopped down on the bench once I was done and leaned my head against the cold wall. I don't know why, he probably wouldn't even remember. I don't know why I did; maybe it was my punishment for liking the wrong person. I breathe in deeply and slowly let it out as I got up and walked out the small changing room into the Sports hall.

"Glad you could finally join us" I heard Matt's voice above the rest; I looked down and muttered an apology. I looked up and could see he was struggling from the effects of alcohol, i.e. a bad hangover. "Since your late you can demonstrate shooting" I looked up quickly wide eyed as a ball was thrown at me, he pointed to the hoop and I sighed. I tried throwing it once and missed, a second time I also missed. As I carried on and kept missing the reason to me was clear my mind was anywhere but playing basketball, it was on him and the fact his eyes were on me, watching me fail miserably. "Girl's pick up a ball each and do what Danni's doing" He paused as he walked up to me picking the ball from my feet "But better" He grinned at me, I frowned and tried grabbing the ball.

"Please?" I asked as he held it away, he laughed and handed it to me, I gratefully took it and looked back at the hoop, ignoring the awkward silence that surrounded us.

"You'll never get it in" He said just as I raised my arm's to shoot, I let them drop and turned to face him showing I was fully pissed off "Here" He said turning me round and placing me in front of him, he placed his hands round mine, and guided my hands, the ball landed perfectly in the net "See not so hard" He said as he walked off, I sighed and shook my head, no it's a lot harder than you think.

"You're so crushing on him" I turned at Laura's annoying voice, crap, on top of having a hangover and arguing feelings I know had this bimbo to annoy me.

"Leave it Laura" I sighed, I know I didn't disagree but I was to tired to argue and shout and cause a scene getting everyone's attention considering Tiff and Cara were ignoring me, Big time.

"I'm not saying it's a bad thing" She said shrugging her shoulders, I rolled my eyes.

"What are you saying then?" I asked suspiciously

"Just that he's crushing on you too. Well even if he isnt he should be. Definite chemistry going on there" She said, I pulled a shocked face, but was secretly happy, wait that's a bad thing, if a bimbo like Laura can notice so would everyone else.

"No, he's my teacher" I said picking up the ball that had just rolled by my feet.

"So, either way you're both like still people. And no-one can like blame you either way, feelings are feelings" She said, I shook my head confused, did I just get a lesson in love of the biggest slut in school.

"Um I guess" I said looking at her smiling "But I dont like him" I quickly added, she grinned happily at me

"I'm not that bad" She laughed, I nodded, not that bad at all.

Lesson Two

I fell back on Zacky's bed after showering and getting ready for lunch, but I really wasn't hungry so I rolled over on his bed and shut my eyes.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed in my boyfriends face, I hated him, how could he do this? He cheated on me, after I'd changed for him, I gave up drinking, and drugs even smoking. I stopped sleeping around, everything all for him and now this.

"Let me explain!" I turned and looked at him rage burning in my eyes

"Explain what? How nothing I do is good enough? There's always some other girl with her skirt higher than me! I'm through with you!" I screamed in his face, I had no energy left but I still managed to get all my hate out in one sentence.

"Slut, I only wanted you for a leg over!" I heard him shout as I turned, my face turned cold as all blood ran out of it, how dare he?

"You're calling me a slut?" I wanted to scream and shout but then realized every time your parents, family or friends say, "there not worth it" and you don't believe them it's true "Oh well, at least you got satisfaction from it, I've fallen asleep four times, you've just been to busy enjoying yourself to notice, pathetic" I said, immature? Yes, but oh well. He may not be worth it but I still needed to shrink his ego a little. I looked up at the blazing sun, this wasn't your usual break up scene, it wasn't raining and I wasn't going to go home and cry, I was going to get even.

Zackys P.O.V

"Carry her out Matt" I said quickly turning to my friends and the girls stood in my room doorway before looking back at my sleeping sister, this wasn't like her, she was always awake until about eleven, she rarely slept through the day unless she was ill or upset. Matt brushed passed me and gracefully picked her up, he looked at her admiringly and started to walk towards the stairs to take her to her dorm, before he stopped and turned.

"You carried her out, okay?" Matt asked me, I nodded slightly confused, but since he wanted me too, if she asked I carried her out.

"Look after her" I told him, to the others it would seem like an innocent comment, but Matt knew what I meant.

"Dont worry, I will, Promise" He said, I smiled at him as he looked down at her again and walked with her to her dorm. I knew if any others teachers saw them they'd get the wrong idea, but I'll always be there to back them up.