The Pros, Cons, and Loves of Piracy

+The Focus Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
+The Actor Kamille Turner
+The Verses 14 of 14 chapters
+The Status COMPLETE
+The Storyline Kamille Turner thought she knew Jack, and when he broke her heart, she thought that she'd never love anyone ever again. Will she keep her promise to herself or fall into the charmer Jack Sparrow?
  1. Prolouge
    Self explanitory.
  2. Part 1.
    Sorry, I don't do intresting chapter names.
  3. Part Two.
    A rescue and the answers.
  4. Part Three
    I have nothing to say here.
  5. Part Four.
  6. Part Five.
    Blah Blah.
  7. Part Six
    Pirates don't cry.
  8. Part Seven
    Half way done.
  9. Part Eight.
  10. Part Nine.
    Only five more.
  11. Part Ten.
    Dum dum duuum!
  12. Part Eleven.
    I'm a tragedy kind of girl.
  13. Part Twelve.
    Realllly long.
  14. Part Thirteen.
    Getting close, guys.
  15. Part Fourteen. (ENDING?!)
    Yes, I said it, ending.
  16. Epilouge
    Ten years later.