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My Way Home Is Through You

"Please god, let today be slow.."

20 year old Elysia Francia sat tiredly at her computer desk clicking away at want ads, stifling yawns and sipping at her can of coke.

"Garbage...garbage...." She grumbled."hmm, this seems promising.." She murmured to herself as she scanned the ad.

After another hour she glanced at the time

"Ughhh I can't believe it's almost 6! I'm gonna be late." She groaned loudly running her fingers through her long dark , slightly knotted wavy hair before pushing herself away from the computer.

"just a few more days and I can quit...just keep it together." She murmured to herself, rubbing her tired eyes before standing and dragging herself to the bathroom.

20 minutes later her hair was brushed, makeup applied and dress quickly pulled over her head as she ran into the hallway and shoved her feet into a pair of black flats as she slung her bag around her shoulders before running out the door.

"Shit!" She hissed angrily,"left my damn glasses AGAIN." She cursed taking note halfway down the stairs before turning and bolting back up, shoving them onto her face and running back down and out of the apartment building.

"You're late kid." Deb, the 56 year old manager, chuckled as she glanced at the younger girls disheveled appearance.

"glasses again?" The grey haired woman asked pushing her own glasses up the bridge of her nose as she turned back to the computer.

"yeah..." She mumbled as she pulled open the cabinet to shove her belongings into her cubby after pulling her apron out.

"Elysia table 3 and 5 just got their food can you watch them for me so I can take a quick smoke break?" Lisa asked, pulling her vibrantly dyed red hair into a ponytail.

"aye aye." Elysia saluted the other waitress, earning a chuckle from the older woman.

"thanks mama!" Lisa called as she headed out the back door.

"please let today be slow, pleeasee." Elysia mumbled a silent prayer as she made her way out into the mostly empty restaurant.


As the day progressed things did indeed become hectic for the rest of Elysia's shift.

"Almost closing time!" She huffed happily, pushing the dark sweep of hair from her eyes as she began wiping down the tables.

Ding ding the small bells atop the entrance door tinkled signaling customers. The other waitresses glanced at each other then at the youngest girl obliviously clearing her section before the redhead stepped forward, pulling two menus from the counter.

"just the two of you?" She smiled politely, taking in the appearance of the two men before her.

"Uh yeah..I hope it's not too late ?" The tall and lanky young man asked, nervously messing with his perfectly coifed mass of light brown mousy hair before adjusting his grey beanie.

"oh not at all, my name is Megan and I'll be showing you to your table."the waitress smiled, brushing her red hair from her pretty freckled face.

"cool, thanks." The taller man mumbled, waving his friend over to follow.

"he's cute! And look he's got a friend." The tall, tawny girl smirked, whispering to another waitress, tall, thin and blonde.

"shhh Amris ! Do you want them to hear you?" She murmured, as she continued to clean the counter.

"please Courtney they're heading toward the back, if Elysia couldn't hear the door, they can't hear me talk about them." She chuckled, taking a sip of her coffee.

"I guess you're right..I mean the shorter ones pretty cute, look at all of those tattoos." Courtney smiled absently.

"adorable." Amris agreed, taking in the colorful tattoos decorating his arm and the side of his neck, the mass of messy black hair atop his head and the tight, ripped jeans slung low on his body as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

"I do feel bad to make Elysia stay later like this though.." Courtney mumbled, putting away the menus.

"Don't! She gets those two cuties all to herself." Amris smiled brightly, pulling her keys and cellphone out of her purse.

"Please have a seat you're waitress will be with you in a moment." Megan smiled, leading them to the booth then setting two menus before them.

"Elysia, you've got two." Megan smiled, nodding towards the two men before shrugging at the confused look on the girls face and heading back towards the register.

"I can't BELIEVE them!" Elysia growled under her breath, sweeping the last dishes into her bin then adjusting her glasses and apron before heading towards the only occupied booth in the restaurant.

"hello, my name is Elysia and I'll be your waitress today." She bubbled out through her bright, friendly smile.

"can I start you off with anything to drink? Maybe some appetizers?" She continued, going through her usual motions.

"yeah can we get two-" the mousy haired boy began, knowing his friend was still being moody.

"I think I can order for myself Mikes." The heavily tattooed young man started, turning his hazel orbs to the waitress, a lopsided grin breaking out on his face.

"fine with me man." He shrugged, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"can I just get a diet coke and a club sandwich with extra fries." He finished, laying his menu against the table.

"no problem, and for you?" She asked writing his order on the slip of paper in her hands,quickly glancing up at the other man as she felt his eyes on her.

"yeah coke and a salad." He replied, his eyes still trained on her as he picked up the two menus, handing them to her.

"I um.. I'll get that right out to you." She stuttered, her fingers brushing his as she took the menus from him. A blush crept up her face as she quickly turned and strode away, stuffing the pad and pen into her apron and wiping at her face.

"Club extra fries and a salad." She called, clipping the slip onto the wheel.

"got it!" Belinda called cheerfully.

"oh and sorry the girls did that to you sweetie." She finished, her eyes softening as she watched the tired looking girl.

"it's fine, one more and we can go home, plus an extra tip never hurts either." Elysia shrugged, filling the cups with ice and soda.

"Can I get you two anything else?" Elysia smiled, watching the two talk animatedly before turning their attention to her.

"no we're fine." The one named Mikes replied.

"okay we'll I'll just leave this here, no rush." She replied, placing the little black check holder onto the table then turning to leave.

"hang on!" The dark haired man called, stopping her." Yes?" She turned, moving back towards the two

."here, I'm sure you're ready to call it a day." He grinned at her again, sliding his bank card into the holder before handing it to her.

"thank you, I'll get this right back to you." She smiled gratefully, then walking swiftly to the front.

"So you seem like you're in a brighter mood Frank.""yeah I guess so Mikey.." Frank breathed, turning his face from the short girl at the register, grinning at his friends weary face.

"what?" Frank asked innocently, taking note of his friend's analyzing gaze.

"nothing, just remember we won't be in California forever." Mikey replied, watching his friend's gaze following the waitress.

"Here you are, I hope you enjoyed everything and will visit us again soon." Elysia smiled, placing the check holder onto the table with two lollipops on top.

"we did thank you." Mikey nodded politely, readjusting his beanie and pulling his coat back on.

"everything was perfect. Hopefully I'll see you around." Frank grinned, trading the bank card for two bills before standing and pulling his jacket on the placing the check holder into Elysia's hand.

"have a nice night." He winked leading his friend out front.

"finally quitting time." Elysia sighed pulling the money out and noticing it was two $10 bills instead of $2.

"wait ! Sir!" She called running out the door and to the parking lot, catching both men by surprise.

"y-you made a mistake, t-this is too much money." She breathed swiftly, holding the money out to the amused man, his friend glancing at the two from the drivers side of the car.

" no, I know how much I put in there." He chuckled, running his hand through his messy hair.

"b-but sir really I can't keep this." She shifted her feet awkwardly,chewing her lip nervously.

" Keep it." He smiled, folding her fingers over the money.

"you were a great waitress, besides we kept you open way later than your sign says." He shrugged, letting go of her hand and shoving his hands into his pockets.

"t-thank you.." Elysia stuttered out gratefully as a blush crept up her cheeks.

"have a nice night sir." She nodded at him, turning back towards the restaurant.

"Frank." He replied,

"you too Elysia." He nodded in return before sliding into the passenger seat. A small smile spreading across her face as she watched the white car pull out of the parking lot before turning and going back inside.

" Closing Time!" Belinda called happily, handing the younger girl her bag and sweater before turning out the lights and locking up.

"c'mon girl, I'll give you a ride." She smiled, pushing her long braid over her shoulder.

"good night?" She continued, eyeing Elysia's small grin and dreamy gaze.

"yeah, I guess so." She mumbled, sliding into the passenger seat and buckling up.

"I guess so." She sighed softly, those hazel orbs still etched into her mind.

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A/N: okay sorry this was so short but it's my first step at writing. I've had this idea bouncing around for awhile and figured I'd try my hand at writing since I love reading these stories so much. Anyways I just really hope you liked it and I'll try and make these ALOT longer and yeah feedback and subs would be lovely xx