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My Way Home Is Through You

Short, pale and handsome

A week went by after her first and only encounter with the gorgeous tattooed dude.

"It's Friday and I have the weekend off !" Elysia squealed excitedly, propping herself up against the back wall of the diner.

"lucky you.." Amris grumbled, taking a drag from her cigarette before perking up.

"Hey! What if we trade days off?! I really REALLY wanna go out this weekend Ely." She grinned, batting her eyes at the smaller girl beside her

" No way I traded my weekend with you last time." Elysia replied,crossing her arms and looking away.

"fiiine.." Amris sighed, stubbing out her cigarette.

"Let's go back in before Belinda comes outside and yells at us." She yawned pulling her apron back on and leading the younger girl back into the kitchen door.

The rest of her shift dragged as she excitedly watched the clock, trying to will the clock to move its sluggish hands faster.

"Thank you, have a wonderful night!" Elysia chirped, waving off the 15th couple she'd served before dragging herself back to the register.

"ugh I hate Fridays and all these happy couples." Amris glowered as she scanned the tables.

"I think it's cute, all this love and happiness! It's a lot nicer than our morning crowd of grumpy old men." Megan chuckled, making change for one of her tables.

"easy for you to say, your man works here!" Amris retorted.

"Hey don't be mad at me because I have a boyfriend, besides Dan is a sweetheart." Megan smiled, turning to blow a kiss to the cook, earning a big blushing grin from Dan.

"What about you Elysia? You got a date tonight ?" Amris asked, turning her attention to the quiet girl.

"huh? Oh..uh no I'm getting dragged to some karaoke bar with Jordan." Elysia sighed.

"Well that sounds like fun." Megan smiled, turning her attention to the ding of the doors signaling new customers.

"Hey..look who it is Ely." Amris smirked, elbowing her back from her daydreams.

"who?" Elysia whispered, turning her gaze to the door.

"Short, pale and tattooed." Amris whispered back, pushing the smaller girl off her stool.

" Go get him girl." She chuckled, taking up the now vacant seat.

"Hi I'll take you to your seat." Megan smiled brightly, leading the familiar dark haired man to a booth with his new equally dark haired companion.

"alright Elysia will be serving you today, enjoy your meal." Megan chirped, handing them menus before making her way to other guests.

"damn you Amris." Elysia mumbled, adjusting her glasses and fixing her disheveled hair before making her way to the booth.

" Hello, My name is Ely-" she began before being cut off.

"Elysia." Frank grinned, turning those mesmerizing eyes on her.

"Gee, this is Elysia, my favorite waitress. Elysia this is Gee." Frank smirked, introducing his companion to the bewildered waitress.

"umm..hi." She bubbled out nervously.

"hey, I hear you make a fucking great cup of coffee." The other dark haired man grinned.

"yeah..." She mumbled, her cheeks turning pink as she tried to busy herself with pulling her pen and pad out of her apron.

"What can I get you?" She managed to choke out.

"two cups of coffee, a veggie burger and a regular burger." Frank listed off, his eyes never leaving the waitress' flustered face.

" N-no problem that'll be right out." She smiled weakly before turning to leave.

"She cute, kinda shy though." The man named Gee giggled childishly.

"told you." Frank laughed, turning to watch her go.

"Why are you so red?" Megan asked, looking a bit worried.

"HOW CUTE !! You're totally embarrassed aren't you?" Amris laughed, handing the coffee pot to the red faced waitress.

" I hate you guys soo much.." She gritted, filling to mugs.

"Here you are, two cups of coffee, there's sugar, stirrers and cream too." She smiled, regaining her composure.

"fucking rad, thanks." Gee grinned taking a sip.

"Fuckin' A this is good!.." He sighed, sinking into the booth.

"sorry, he really loves his coffee." Frank chuckled, watching the look of confusion turn to understanding on the waitress' face.

"ah, I get it, glad I could help." She giggled, then turned away.

"Here's your food, and check, my shift is over so Amris will be helping you here on out." Elysia smiled, introducing the taller girl to the men seated before her.

"oh okay cool, nice meeting you Elysia." Gee smiled.

"oh." Frank mumbled, his smiled faltering a bit.

" Alright I'm off then have a great night guys." She smiled once more before walking off.

"Alright night everyone see you Monday!" Elysia called to her coworkers, pulling her hair out of her ponytail, ruffling her hair up a bit as she pulled her bag over her shoulders and making her way out of the still crowded diner.

"Hey Elysia?" Someone called out to her.

"huh?" She asked, turning to the voice.

"oh hey." She smiled, turning towards the dark haired man.

"sorry if I startled you." Frank chuckled, rubbing the back if his neck nervously.

"no worries, I'm always a bit destracted..umm did you already finish your meal?" She asked curiously, glancing around for his companion.

"huh? Oh uhh no, I um thought I'd try and catch up to you before you left and grab a quick smoke." He grinned, holding up the glowing cigarette up to show her.

"gotcha, so what's up ?" She asked, pulling the cellphone she was searching for from her messy bag.

"I was wondering...uhh fuck, I-I don't wanna sound like a creep." He chuckled nervously, taking another puff of his cigarette.

"are you uh doing anything tonight?" He asked quickly, glancing up at her through his heavily lashed eyes.

"oh! Umm..well my friend is dragging me to some karaoke bar tonight." She sputtered out, praying he couldn't see how red her face was in the dim lighting outside.

"oh.." Frank murmured, turning his gorgeous eyes to her.

"b-but you and your friend are more then welcome to come hang!" She blurted out quickly, noticing his disappointment.

"you sure?" He asked, chewing on his lip as he gazed at her.

"y-yeah! It'll just be me and my best friend Jordan, we umm we like to get drunk and sing lame songs." She nodded quickly, fidgeting with her cellphone.

"Yeah! I-I mean that sounds like fun, are you heading there now or?" He asked, perking up at the invitation."

I'm going home to shower and change first but you can meet us there or come hang at my place since that's where I'm meeting up with Jordan." She smiled softly, jumping a bit at the ringing of the cell in her hand she glanced at him apologetically before answering.

"hey!" She grinned.

"what? Oh I just got off...yeah I gotta catch the bus but umm I should be home in 20...yeah, oh! I'm bringing some friends..w-what?! N-no not that kind of friend!" She blushed madly, quickly turning her back to the grinning man. Frank chuckled watching her talk animatedly on her cell, taking one last puff before stubbing out his cigarette.

"sorry about that.." Elysia grimaced, placing her phone back into her bag.

"it's cool, so you need a ride?" He asked, tilting his head curiously.

"n-no ! I couldn't put you out like that!" She started, waving her hand in front of her.

"don't worry about it! Actually I insist." Gee cut in, pulling his jacket on as he exited the diner, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I thought you got lost." He continued, turning to address Frank.

"sorry about that man." Frank laughed.

"so let's go!" Gee smiled, pulling his keys from his pocket.

"o-okay." Elysia stuttered, following behind the two.


"We're here!" Elysia sighed, flipping the lighswitch and dropping her bag and keys on the small table beside the door.

"okay I'm gonna go get ready so you guys can sit in here and uh help yourself to the kitchen." She smiled, ruffling her hair and picking up a bit.

"here's the remote!" She smiled triumphantly, handing Frank the controller and leading them to the dark blue couch.

" Okay I'll be back in 20." She nodded, heading to her room.

"Holy shit Frank look at all these batman comics!!" Gee squealed , pulling a few from the shelves of the black bookshelf.

"and all these action figures!" He gasped, rifling through the shelves.

"dude, chill." Frank laughed, sitting down and turning on the tv.

"Fuck, what am I doing?!" Elysia groaned, blow drying her long dark brown hair, sighing as she fluffed up her giant wavy mane.

"just be cool, they wanna be friends nothing else.." She continued, trying to calm her nerves as she started drawing on her eyeliner.


"Elysia IM HOOOME!!" Boomed her best friend.

"IN HERE!" She called back.

"hey gorgeous!" The tall, gorgeous girl grinned pulling the half naked girl into a hug.

"who're the cuties in the living room?" She asked, releasing her friend to plop down on the messy bed.

"oh well that's Frank and Gee, they'd from the diner." Elysia said, rifling through the closet.

"oohhhh...good for you sweetie! It's about time you got over Julian I mean GOOD GOD-" the energetic green haired girl clapped.

"noo I don't even wanna HEAR that fucking name.." Elysia groaned, glaring back at her curly haired friend.

"anyways it's not like that we're friends." She continued.

"what the fuck do I wear?!" She sighed angrily."shhh, let me help." Jordan soothed, making her friend sit on the bed while she pulled clothing from the closet.

"okay now hurry up because they're in there tearing your bookshelves apart." Jordan chuckled, walking out of the bedroom.

"Alright let's go- what the hell?" Elysia stopped short, taking in the tornado that took hold of her living room.

"I umm tried to stop him..." Frank started apologetically.

"Your batman collection is fucking insane." Gee interrupted, grinning ear to ear.

"oh yeah thanks, he's my favorite." She smiled brightly.

"okay..let's go before she starts on her never ending batman speech." Jordan interrupted, ushering everyone from the apartment.


"Yay we're heeere!!" Jordan screeched, pushing the door open and dragging Elysia out

."wow." Gee chuckled, watching Jordan practically carrying Elysia into the bar.

"you sure you're up for that?" He asked, parking the car.

"positive." Frank grinned, quickly stepping out of the car following with gee close behind.
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