Boychild & Girlchild.

lust: take it to your grave

Her hands would wind themselves in his hair, yanking it and bringing him to let out loud, harsh grunts. He would hit her sides, his fingers jamming and giving her bruises all in the name of passion and sex and blood. Her scratched back would arch up high, a curve like a rainbow as she was-

“Missy Olive?”

Olive snapped to attention, embarrassed to be thinking of sex in a preschool. It made her feel just filthy.

“Yes Misty? What’s wrong, girlchild?” She smiled lightly, getting that grin from the little girl as she giggled.

“Wanna color with me? Mommy bought me a Hello Kitty coloring book, and I really really really don’t wanna color alone,” She frowned, her voice in that matter-of-fact tone she got sometimes.

Alas, the older lady just smiled and nodded, “Go get your colors.”

And as the young girl went off, Olive wondered hesitantly if her partying life would ever cross with her professional. The last thing she wanted was these kids to be disappointed in her bad decisions.

Or be scarred by her thoughts.
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if it's not obvious, i love this idea the mibba mag's done.