Boychild & Girlchild.

don't look under your bed.

Leaning back on her bed in her ratty old sweatshirt gave her a simple satisfaction; it was break time. This weekend, Adam was to be out of town with his college for a trip of some sort, and Olive had nothing to do but spend time on her own. Being with Adam had reduced her partying urges to pretty much nothing, as he just adored treating her like she was Princess Peach to his Mario and rarely took her anywhere that wouldn’t break someone’s paycheck unless she asked.

Olive stared up at her ceiling for a few moments, finding familiar, bumpy animal shapes in it for a few moments before lethargically rolling herself towards her bathroom. Pouring in some sort of scented bubble bath once the water was toasty and lighting a pair of cinnamon sugar candles, she undressed and allowed herself to slip into the relaxant. She could feel abused muscles releasing tension into the water, seeming just to make it seem warmer and far lovelier.

Something clanked from outside; she opened her eyes carelessly and glanced to the door, noting it was locked before shrugging and relaxing, allowing her head to slip underwater. Another sound came to her eardrums, beating out the sound of her racing heart as she brought her head up, eyes already wide open, and sat upright before wrapping a towel around her quickly.

Walking towards her door with the soft squelching of her feet, she listened and heard yet another sound. Nervously, she remembered what her father had told her; if someone was in your house, don’t look for them. Don’t go in your room. Get out as fast as you could.

Olive quickly pulled her undergarments and clothing on, putting her hair in the towel and ignoring the burn in her eyes from opening them underwater. Quietly, she unlocked the door, slipping out of her bathroom and walking quickly towards her window. She climbed out of it with shaky legs, running towards her neighbor’s house as soon as she was far enough away.

She was lucky.

Someone had broken into her house from her guest bedroom, and if she’d waited a moment longer, who knows what would have happened to our Wildchild.
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