Boychild & Girlchild.

in a small town in a european country...

Olive mumbled sleepily, irritated by her stupidity. Going partying and then going to work the next day… not her best idea yet. Debussy played from the crappy old CD player, setting a calm mood as she began to read a fairytale to the children, the little beings that stared at her with twenty pairs of dinner plate eyes. Her hands subconsciously would touch the now short hair, the longest parts being four or five inches long at most. The kids had loved the sudden change in their volunteer’s appearance though, wild and asking to touch it and all these things.

Olive looked at Bailey, studying the expression on her face closely. “Littlechild, are you bored?”
Her voice was light, but all the kids turned and stared curiously with that wonder only a child can have. Bailey blushed bright colors, sheepishly covering her mouth and shaking her head as she mumbled, “My tooth is loose and I’m trying to get it out!”

Olive laughed at that, understanding that feeling entirely. She lied, “I remember that once, my tooth fell out from me riding on a pig. Me and a few friends would race then back down South; it was lots of fun.” Not a complete lie; she did race pigs with friends, but the tooth didn’t fall out from that.

Nonetheless, the awestruck children sucked it up, taking a little more of Olive’s imagination from her before begging her to finish the tale of the princess and prince.
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