Boychild & Girlchild.

let me build you back up as you're carrying me too.

Adam clung to her late at night, the bare skin of their hips making fleshy whispers against each other while the stars twinkled like nightlights miles of miles above them. He studied the tearstains on her face, knowing they were his fault. His fingers relearned the soft flesh between each rib, knowing that the bruises on them from other peoples fingers were entirely due to his failure of caring for her.

Nervously, he began to trace patterns up and down her limbs, smiling as he heard a contented sigh escape that girlchild's lips. He pressed his to her's, mumbling to the sleeping form that he'd be back in a minute, for her to stay right there and he'd be back in a jiffy.

Of course, he gained no response from the dozing being, just a roll towards the other side and a sheet allowing a quick glance at her bareness. He slipped his pants on, walking to the kitchen and snagging a water bottle from her stash under the third cabinet from the right. He'd jokingly told her to put them there once, quite a while ago, and now there they remained.

He grinned. That tiny girl had no clue that where ever she went, he would follow.
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